Poetry Corner: I Miss Heaven


That which was nursed from infancy

Which grew in spite of our naivety

That same called us to run to welcome the twilight

To have hearty chats under the moonlight

That which kept us fastened to each other

When we walked hand in hand

For moments to run into hours

That same prompted sadness to give way to gladness


That which dropped our tears…each time we had to tear apart

Which kept our hearts entwined…through intertwined fingers

That same which grew as real as Real Love

Was overtaken by that which lasted only through bouts of lust

Lasting only after lessons were learned

Lasting only after sadness gladly returned

I miss that heaven


She who was a beauty to a beholder

A beauty to hold

She who made beauty beam from within

A beauty of a golden mould

She whose beauty was deeper than a skin’s depth

A beauty rarely found

That beauty

…was replaced with a beauty on a superficial façade

…a masking makeup

I miss that heaven


That hardworking she

The ever-working steel

That ever-spinning wheel

The ever-kneading knee

The never-tiring feet

She who was always excelling to exceed

She was replaced with a sluggard of a snoring idler

…to a slacking degree

I miss that heaven


That one who was trained to restrain a tongue

Never to rear lips to rain insults

That one who trained under mother discipline

To live never to demean

That one who was cultured to know respect

To live ever to show respect

That one was displaced by a running mouth

…an uncouth mouth

A mouth to run uncountable foul lines

I miss that heaven


That gentle peacemaker

The one who never raised a voice

That gentle arbiter

The one whose voice doused many a noise

That gentle peace broker

The one whose only noise put all at peace

That gentle peacemaker

The one whose trouble only came from peace breakers

That meek and mild partner

Was booted out by a troublesome heartbreaker

I miss that heaven


That soul who perfected to be a complement

The helpmate who vowed to cooperate

To pay compliments to every step travelled by a soulmate

From short baby steps until a giant leap

That soul who was ever there to support

Who never dared a soulmate to supplant

That soul was substituted

Not by another wholesome soulmate

But by that soul who loved to compete

…to litigate

I miss that heaven


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