5th edition of Deep Learning Indaba 2023 commences


The fifth edition of Deep Learning Indaba (DL1) 2023 has been launched themed ‘, which means ‘we can’.

The fifth edition of Deep Learning Indaba (DL1) 2023 has commenced in Accra. Themed ‘Yebetume’ – which means ‘we can’, the event runs from 3rd to 9th September 2023 in Accra at the University of Ghana (UG) campus.

DLI 2023 will bring together over eight hundred participants representing thirty-seven different countries from Africa, America and Europe. It will provides a platform to showcase research in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and how it can be used to solve many of Africa’s challenges in the area of agriculture, healthcare, banking and finance and manufacturing, among others.

Pro Vice Chancellor for Research Innovation and Development at the University of Ghana, Prof. Felix Asante, in his welcome address, stated that even though it is recognised that Africa faces a unique set of challenges, there are also untapped opportunities.

“Our landscape, diverse wildlife and vibrant societies provide us with the unparalleled opportunity to apply deep learning and AI in transformative ways. From using AI to protect our endangered species and address ecological crises to leveraging machine learning to optimize agriculture and herald in a new era of food security, Africa can lead the world in deploying AI a sustainable future.”

He added that as DLI chart this new frontier, it is important that it is guided by an unwavering commitment to ensure that AI benefits all Africans, irrespective of their socioeconomic status, gender or background. “No individual or community should be left behind in this technological resolution. We strive to foster an ecosystem that is inclusive, where voices of women, youth, communities are heard”.

“Together, we will redefine the ethical boundaries of AI, ensuring fairness, transparency and accountability are the core of our innovation,” he noted.

Speaking on the use of AI and other technologies in Africa, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Educator and Researcher at Ashesi University – Ayorkor Korsah, suggested that instead of Africa trying to catch up, “we should invest in people who have updated knowledge in technology”.

“I think there is a great opportunity for further development in terms of AI in Africa and it starts in having critical mass of people who really understand the technology and are able to use the tool. So instead of thinking of catching up, we could think of it as a great opportunity for us to innovate and to have people play in the tech space,” he added

“This is where universities have a role to play because we need to make it possible for our young students to actually understand AI, go to the technology space and create their own solutions and advice on policy issues since we need more AI expects in Africa,” he further said.

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