CWG Ghana partners with toCode Technologies to introduce Digid in Ghana

Harriet Attram Yartey, Managing Director of CWG Ghana and Ramesh Kannan, Founder and CEO of toCode Technologies

Digid, a digital onboarding and identity verification system, is about to be launched in Ghana’s technology market, enabling businesses across multiple sectors, and specially in banking and financial services sector. This solution will help businesses to onboard new customers from anywhere, at any time, and via any channel.

ToCode Technologies is a deep tech company specialising in the development of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions. On March 17, 2022, toCode along with CWG Ghana will host a sensitization event titled ‘Digital Customer Experience – A Profitable Journey!’. Industry professionals from throughout Africa are expected to attend and contribute.

The traditional customer onboarding process, particularly in banks, requires the customer to be present in-person at the branch and provide all relevant papers along with the application form.

This application will then be processed via a series of processes that validate the customer’s eligibility and complete the customer’s KYC. This manual or semi-manual procedure is not only unsustainable in an increasingly digital age, but also limits new business opportunities too.

Digid enables banks and other organisations to onboard customers remotely from the comfort of their homes using their mobile phones. Customers will no longer be required to appear in person at branch locations to apply for loans or other products and services.

Ramesh Kannan, Founder and CEO of toCode Technologies said: “The timing and introduction of Digid cannot be more right, as the main theme of any business has been digitalization for a few years now, and Digid fits right in. In Ghana, the government is working to centralise the identification verification process around the Ghana National ID Card, and Digid’s capabilities perfectly complement this effort, increasing value and facilitating adoption.” stated Mr Kannan.

Digid is a digital solution for onboarding new clients and verifying their identification. Using Digid, banks and businesses can process more applications and, as a result, acquire more customers too. Businesses can now offer their services more quickly by automating the whole onboarding process.

“Net-net, Banks can use Digid to process 10 times more applications than before with better accuracy and lesser cost. Besides, businesses will also be able to give their customers faster access to their products and services, which can only lead to one thing; a happy customer and a good brand value,” Mr. Ramesh Kannan indicated.

Apart from delivering a more feature-rich solution than the competition, Digid distinguishes itself by offering a full product suite that supports the end-to-end onboarding process. Comparable solutions in the market provide either ‘Onboarding’ or ‘Identity verification’ functionality. Howerver, Digid addresses both the requirements and provides unique advantage in places where both are required.

Harriet Yartey, Managing Director of CWG Ghana, added that: “The partnership with toCode Technologies adds significant value not just in terms of the AI (artificial intelligence) and cutting-edge technology they bring to the table, but also in terms of how they solve business challenges as well.

Digitilization has been a priority for companies in Ghana over the past several years, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about what Digid has to offer in this area.”

About Digid

Digid is a digital onboarding and identity verification solution that enables businesses including banking and financial service providers, insurance companies, stockbrokers, pension fund houses, non-banking financial corporations, Fintechs, crypto and healthcare to onboard their customers by instantly validating their identity. This ensures that the needed digital inclusion of clients from both immediate and remote areas are effectively safeguarded.

Ramesh Kannan, Founder and CEO of toCode Technologies

Harriet Attram Yartey, Managing Director of CWG Ghana

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