TIAST Group reiterates commitment to agro-processing sector


TIAST Group, an agriculture equipment manufacturer and dealer, has reiterated its readiness to support agro-processors mechanisation of the agricultural sector.

Speaking at the Central Regional Investment, Trade and Tourism Expo, Hehui Chen, Chairman of TIAST China, said agro-processing of farm produce like cassava could change the economic woes of the nation if more attention is paid to it.

Mr. Chen highlighted TIAST Group’s comprehensive business model designed to empower a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including investors, agribusinesses, entrepreneurs and other groups within the agricultural sphere.

“TIAST Group has developed a fully-functional business model for all investors, agribusinesses, entrepreneurs and stakeholder groups within the agricultural space, granting them the opportunity to own fully automated agro-processing machinery for the production of cassava starch and standard rubber,” he said.

He said the company’s goal is to ensure that agro-processing firms have access to quality equipment at affordable prices and payment terms.

Commenting on the growing global demand for cassava starch, Mr. Chen said: “Cassava starch is the game-changer in our world today. It is used in pharmaceuticals, confectionery, textiles, paint and many other industries around the world”.

He further said the business module offers financial, technical and off-take support to local farmers and investors interested in establishing agro-processing factories.

“With our technical support, we would bring our expertise on board. We would help the Central Region by designing, manufacturing, installing and conducting maintenance on state-of-the-art automated agro-processing machinery,” he assured.

However, he said TIAST Group’s impact doesn’t halt at technology and finance.

He also revealed that TIAST has established a guaranteed market for all agricultural commodities produced, ensuring fair market prices for farmers and other value chain actors.

For his part, the Central Regional Minister, Justina Marigold Assan, said agricultural industrialisation is indeed the way forward to building a resilient economy.

Against this backdrop, she encouraged all district and metropolitan assemblies to partner with TIAST Group on this transformative journey.

“TIAST Group is a leading organisation dedicated to agricultural development and industrialisation. They have been instrumental in supporting our farmers and agribusiness investors with essential funding, technical and technological support, and off-taker services for agricultural products. We look forward to more partnerships,” she said.

“TIAST Group’s dedication to agricultural development and industrialization aligns perfectly with our region’s goals for sustainable socio-economic progress,” she added.

The President of the Central Regional House of Chiefs, Odeefuo Amoakwa Buadu III, also touched on agricultural industrialisation, saying the region produces the majority of the country’s food but lacks processing factories to add value to the produce.

The expo was on the theme ‘Sustaining Business Opportunities: Nurturing Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises in the Central Region.

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