Midway Hospital operationalises ultra-modern theatre & labour ward to improve quality healthcare delivery


Midway Hospital, a primary and specialist healthcare provider, has launched its ultra-modern medical theatre and labour wards to improve the quality of healthcare delivery to clients and the general public.

The state-of-the-art installations now opens the room for additional services, such as urology, orthopaedic surgery, fertility or IVF insemination, dialysis services, gynaecology clinic, radiological scan services, among other several service it continues to provide.

The new development also improves the healthcare capacity of the facility to take on more traffic as its clientele keeps increasing exponentially over the years.

The over 40 years old medical centre which started as a community clinic located in the heart of Achimota promises to deliver world-class services and become a household name in the medical care industry nationwide.

Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr. Gifty Quarshie-Ngissah, who doubles as the Medical Director of the Midway Hospital, mentioned that kidney-related diseases are on the increase in the country and the opening of the facility’s dialysis centre is targeted at helping to educate, provide treatment and help reduce the burden of the disease in Achimota and its catchment areas.

She added that the facility has gained a good reputation in quality service delivery, especially maternity, gynaecology and emergency services – a legacy it’s committed to carry on forever.

“These investments are a manifestation of our commitment to reducing maternal mortality, easing the burden of chronic kidney diseases, and ensuring every patient receives the best care possible. Through advanced technology, thoughtful design, and patient-centred practices, we reiterate our commitment to redefining healthcare excellence,” she emphasised.

She mentioned that the knowledge management team gained from participation in the Stanford Seed Transformation (STN) programme illuminated new pathways to the hospital’s management, infusion innovation and efficiency; hence, current and prospective patients can be assured of top-notch customer care and professional service delivery.

Managing Consultant – Apex Lawconsult, Sheila Minkah-Premo, who was the specialist guest of honour, commended management for exceptional service delivery and staying true to the core values of the founding father over the years.

She stressed that healthcare delivery is a very important aspect of social well-being that cannot be taken for granted. However, the expensive nature of the venture has often left patients, especially the lower class, struggling for quality care; but Midway always ensured that anyone who walks into its facility received convenient treatment, which is highly commendable.

Additionally, she urged management to continue to adhere to quality, invest in new medical innovations and become a market leader.

With a mission to transform lives with patient-centred care, Midway provides services that cater for both private cash-paying clients, national and private health insurance clients as well as the corporate market.

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