Top 10 ways to cash out as a writer 2.0


A writer is a superhuman. We strongly believe so. How else would you explain how someone can create an alternate universe that you perfectly see, feel, taste and smell when you flip pages of his or her book? Right!

That superpower should not only end on the pages of a book or blog, it must translate and reflect in your account as a writer. In the first part of this article, we highlighted five ways to monetise your writing. You could author a book, sell a writing course, ghostwrite, start a blog or edit the works of others. As much as writing is deeply passionate, it is also highly rewarding financially. We will be looking at some other ways to cash out as a writer.

  • Work with a print media

Your writing skills will come in handy in the print media industry. Print media simply refers to the means of sharing information in tangible hard copy format. This could be in the form of newspapers, periodicals, billboards, magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, books etc. You have the option of starting any one of these forms of print media or work in the print media space. Seek for jobs as a freelance writer who writes for any print media establishment.

This way, you can take on many jobs which will result in multiple streams of income. Even better, you could join any print media establishment as a full-time worker and get paid for your writing. Aside the money, you also get the chance to establish yourself as an accomplished writer each time your work is published.

  • Script for stage

Uncle Ebo Whyte has changed the face of stage plays in Ghana. In December, many throng the National Theatre in Accra, Ghana to feast their eyes on masterpieces he and his team have cooked. Did you know that a writer birthed that play that has received so much applause? This is where scripting for stage comes in.

There are writers who are skilled in writing scripts for stage plays. They are great in transforming stories into dialogues which engage any kind of audience. We have the likes of Kobina Ansah, Latif Abubakar who have graced our theatres with beautiful plays that are a perfect blend of comedy and tragedy. Are you good in writing scripts? Is that your specialisation? Go on and develop it fully. You can sell your script to playwrights for a handsome price. You may not even need to be fully involved in the production of the play.

  • Script for movies

Ever watched a movie and you were blown away by the plot? We bet you have. Yea, the actors delivered impeccably and bodied the role. But do you know another person who owned their act? The screenwriter. The person who developed the story, wrote the script and developed the dialogue that your favourite actors say. This is a booming industry with many producers on the lookout for engaging and riveting stories that can turn their fortunes around in the cinemas. Ensure that your story is good and chase them.

In Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry which happens to be the second biggest film industry in the world has high need for screenwriters. Screenwriters can be paid as high as ₦3 million or GH¢43, 135.81 per script for accomplished writers and ₦25,000 or GH¢359.47 to ₦70,000 GH¢1006.50 for emerging writers. The film industry in Ghana may do well with some brilliant screenwriters who can work some magic with their scripts. At the end of the day, your expertise, the type of project and production budget determines what you get.

  • Write copies for others

Copywriting is a cool way to make some income as a writer. It is the act of writing compelling content meant to persuade people to take action such as make a donation, make a purchase, or click on a link. This could mean creating captions, writing LPMs, taglines, script ads and so much more. The written material in ads; print and online, mails, videos that are scripted is what we call a copy.

Copywriting is at the core of every business; hence, they are in high demand. From generating captions to writing content to stimulate sales for a business on a flier, copywriting is a rewarding venture that writers can venture into. The next time you write a product description for your friend’s business, know that you have just written a copy.

>>>Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh is a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) by the International Association for People & Performance Development (IAPPD) and a publishing consultant assisting busy executives to write and publish bestselling books. He has served as Head of Protocol at a diplomatic mission, Corporate Affairs Officer at a French multinational agribusiness, and as Events & Media Correspondent for a digital ad agency. [email protected]

Esther Wepia Kopiah is a young, gifted writer with a penchant for exceptional storytelling. Currently, the lead writer at Lumière Creatif, she believes we all have stories worth sharing. She is well versed in writing biographies, articles, fictional stories and poems.

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