Willing to do more on the path of success, the sky is the limit – Oduro-Antwi


Progress is always a good mark of man so goes the old saying. It presupposes that if whatever a person is engaged in, is a transition to progress, then, one can only eagerly embrace it.

Logically, it is to be admitted that all men are born equal, endowed by their creator with inalienable rights, and among are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

In this regard, happiness implies quality education, health systems, economic empowerment, gainful employment, enabling environment, creating opportunities for young men and women to invent, innovate and optimize resources available for the benefit of all and sundry.

This requires a selfless front-runner who can assemble experts towards the overall agenda of entities.

This profound and insightful statement inspired the multiple award-winning entrepreneur, Mr. Dominic Oduro-Antwi, to muster courage and wage a relentless war on the path of success till he reaches the mountain top of his desires.

Having launched the first-ever Health Directory in 2007, Financial Directory (2009), Maternal Health Charity Concert (2011) all in Ghana-Accra, first from Ghana to win global community Oscars award in Chicago, USA, for Healthcare Activist of the Year (2009) category, the latter ambitiously gathers courage and pushing until he climbs to the top of the Lords on Shakespeare’s Ladder. Our elders say that never underestimate the power of an ambitious man.

He told the B&FT that: “I am willing to do more on the path of success, the sky is the limit”.

Mr. Dominic Oduro-Antwi is a dynamic and analytical marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in Marketing Research, Advertising, and Branding. He founded Ghana-India Trade Advisory Chamber, GITAC in 2018.

Established in 2018, GITAC promotes and enhances trade, investment, and cultural interactions between Ghana and India. GITAC consists of members from various sectors including Mining, Trade, Financial Services, Real Estate, and Construction, Energy, Health, Legal Services, Hospitality, Engineering, Agro-Processing, Manufacturing, Import, and Export Services, ICT, Education and Airline and Shipping services.

So what are GITAC’s specific obligations according to its core mandate?

CONSULTANCY: GITAC promotes the interlinkage between research and policymaking in the field of trade and investment and to bring together global expertise on trade.

TRADE: Ghana India Trade Advisory Chamber is established to promote and enhance trade, investment, and cultural interactions between Ghana and India.

TRAINING: One of the most important ways to prepare for the future of your business is to learn your trade through practical experience.

ADVISORY: GITAC helps you to become a part of the most comprehensive contact listing of service providers in the global trade.

CULTURAL/ENTERTAINMENT: Through trade, the chamber learns the way of life and culture of others to help improve and establish a strong business relationship.

As an Entrepreneur, Chief Servant, Business Facilitator, and Publisher, Mr. Oduro-Antwi has been involved in a lot of market research in Ghana, Africa, and Asia. His most leading research includes publishing the first-ever Health and Financial Directories in Ghana (Legal Directory done, awaiting launch).

He holds a degree in Marketing at the Ghana School of marketing, Accra and later proceeded with a Post-Graduate in Marketing at CIMG Executive School (GIMPA), Ghana and finally got his Master of Business Administration degree at American Liberty University-USA (Dubai Campus). He was also conferred with an honorary doctorate by IIC University of Technology, Cambodia and Yenepoya University, India.

Mr. Oduro-Antwi’s key skills include International Business relations, Government Relations, Diplomacy, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Mentorship, etc. Over the years, he has managed several foreign and national partnerships with many companies from Dubai, China, Hong Kong, India, Nigeria, the U.K, etc. He has also successfully crafted networks in business development at national and international levels.

Besides being a business-minded person, Mr. Oduro-Antwi is a chief advocate and a philanthropist. He has a vision of transforming maternal healthcare in Ghana by organizing annual fundraising festivals. A project he has taken on since the year 2010 in aid of quality maternal healthcare. He has donated several items in cash and kind to a number of maternal units in the country to help achieve this dream. He recently launched the GITAC International Foundation and is currently working on a hospital project for all-inclusive maternal healthcare.

According to him, “No woman must die whilst bringing “life into the world”.

The numerous contributions have won him awards such as the Health Advocate of the year award by the Global Community Oscars in the USA as well as the Business Leadership and Health Advocacy award by the Pan African Humanitarian Summit and Awards(Dubai).

With his main focus on designing and fostering favourable policies through advocacy, safe and secured bilateral trade for the mutual benefits of countries involved.

As if these vast experiences and accomplishments are not enough, Mr. Oduro-Antwi is determined to do more in chalking a lot more outstanding successes and affecting the world positively.

In view of the above, Mr. Oduro-Antwi is in consonance with the adage that “You can only trace the source of a river from higher grounds and if you are in doubt, consult the geographers”. Yes! “When the shadow of the tree is crooked, you straighten the tree not the shadow and if you are afraid of your shadow, you are always in the dark”. This is because shadows do not show up in darkness except where there is light. Therefore, the latter has become the fulcrum of light that gives illumination and a sense of direction to generations so that many can stand on his shoulders to see what the future holds in stock for them. With him, it is no longer desirable to give up even if one has to walk through the valley of the shadow of death before reaching the mountain top of one’s aspirations.

What is left is that the efforts, achievements, potentials, and good stories of Mr. Oduro-Antwi and many more Africans cannot be left in oblivion. It means that, a lot more needs to be done to put Africa on the map of the world. It is against this background that the renowned entrepreneur, dynamic, and analytical marketing professional intends to scale up until the last African is comfortable.

On the eve of independence, Africa identified three enemies including poverty, ignorance, and disease but has not been able to overcome them. It is against this backdrop that the spotlight ought to be on the contributions of Mr. Dominic Oduro-Antwi and many others within the marketing and health sectors of the global economy, bringing all hands on the deck to put Ghana on the world map. His immense contributions and footprints continue to serve as a shining example to continents across the globe and gradually setting the tone for Africa to break out of its shell.

Africa can emulate his example to shape its homegrown solutions to emerging problems. But, it does not mean that the colonial master has a divine duty to instruct African Leaders who must always fold their arms and obey such orders without thorough scrutiny. The tenacity or firmness with which people like Mr.  Oduro-Antwi hold onto self-determination (can-do-spirit) is enough to propel the mission and vision of Africa aimed at eradicating poverty, disease-HIV/Aids, Coronavirus and ignorance-illiteracy/ lack of enlightenment. The same rain (Whiteman) that made sugarcane (Africa) sweet also made bitter tree (Africa) bitter. It requires concerted efforts to do away the relics of colonial domination which now invade the shores of Africa by way of IMF bailouts, rapid credit facility, loans in return for oil, bauxite, gold, timber, hitherto slavery with conditions underdeveloped Africa has been struggling to meet.

Under the scrutiny of a well-versed hand in English, the necessary ingredients, footprints, and antidotes to Africa’s problems have been explored and included in this write-up. If respected for its ability, it will be the light upon thy path in the night and a staff in thy hands against all odds.



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