WAGMC-UG presents 75 laptops to graduate students


The West African Genetic Medicine Centre (WAGMC), College of Health Science at the University of Ghana (UG) has provided 75 laptops to graduate students as part of its contribution to the one student one laptop (1S1L) initiative launched by the Vice-Chancellor of UG, Professor Nana Aba Appiah Amfo.

The 1S1L initiative aims to make affordable computers available to students and staff, and to offer free laptops to those in need. This move helps students adapt to changes in education delivery and provide access to essential resources for effective teaching, learning and research.

During the WAGMC maiden Laptop Fellowship Awards event dubbed ‘75 for UG@75’, the Vice-Chancellor praised the centre’s efforts in supporting the initiative, emphasising her goal to advance the technological capabilities of university students.

Chairperson of the 1S1L Committee, Prof. Peter Quartey, expressed enthusiasm for targeting graduate students in this distribution, considering it timely and essential.

The project’s objective is to explore avenues that secure free laptops for students who cannot afford them. Additionally, the university is working toward establishing an assembling plant on campus, and engaging in contractual agreements to ensure sufficient laptops are available for distribution, including hire purchase options.

The committee has already received donations, with 120 laptops distributed initially, followed by an additional 50. They plan to distribute 200 more and aim to expand coverage further.

Prof. Fiifi Ofori-Acquah, Director of WAGMC, revealed that the centre initially planned to distribute 45 laptops, but increased the number to 75 to commemorate the university’s 75th anniversary. These laptops aim to provide quality education to students and contribute to research efforts. The initiative aligns with the Vice-Chancellor’s vision to equip every student with a laptop. The laptops will greatly aid graduate students in conducting research, writing their theses, and preparing academic reports.

Beneficiary students were drawn from various departments within the university, including WAGMC, Departments of Anatomy, Chemical Pathology, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Microbiology, Physiology, Dietetics, Medical Laboratory Science, and Psychology.

One of the beneficiaries, Clement Asante, a Master in Philosophy (MPhil) Physiology student, expressed gratitude for the laptops as they relieved the financial burden of purchasing new ones and allowed him to allocate funds to other important expenses.

He thanked the UG’s management for the initiative and the centre for their unwavering support.

Mr. Asante also called upon corporate institutions to join in supporting the university’s efforts to provide laptops to students, thus enhancing learning and research endeavours.

The chairperson of the 1S1L committee added that the laptop fellowship will continue in the following years to support more students in their academic pursuits.

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