Open Institute of Technology introduces distance learning


The Open Institute of Technology (OPIT), an accredited higher education institution under the European Qualification Framework (EQF), has launched two online degrees in Information Technology (IT) for students and professionals in Africa and other parts of the world.

Starting September 2023, OPIT says it looks forward to welcoming students from all over the world to its first class in these special courses: BSc in Modern Computer Science and MSc in Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (AI).

OPIT leadership is particularly excited about the prospect of bringing affordable, world-class technology training to students from emerging markets, such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

OPIT is offering these degrees to students from all over the world, which is 100 percent online and remote. Through these degrees, OPIT seeks to equip its graduates to build resilience and create real value for the businesses they work for across Africa.

OPIT was founded by Riccardo Ocleppo, who is also the founder of Docsity – a community of 20 million students and a marketing partner of over 250 universities worldwide, and Prof. Francesco Profumo, Former Minister of Education of Italy and former Dean of Politecnico di Torino, considered the best technology university in Italy.

The founders have come together to create a higher education institution to overcome the existing inefficiencies in the traditional system by focusing on the teaching of competencies and not just theory, and making students ready from first level to provide value when they join companies or start running their own companies.

OPIT provides top quality, international education while not only making it flexible for students to study from anywhere in the world by being 100 percent online, but also ensuring it is affordable for everyone.

The BSc and MSc from OPIT are fully accredited by the EU, with accreditation obtained from the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA). The approach is practical and hands-on by combining a faculty with decades of academic experience as well as big tech industry expertise. Students can, therefore, expect to benefit from both essential IT skills training and dedicated career coaching.

OPIT Co-founder and Rector, Prof. Profumo, said: “Companies require skilled individuals who can develop and implement innovative solutions to complex problems. From Software Engineering to Data Analysis and Machine Learning, a degree in Computer Science and AI equips graduates with the skills needed to thrive in this dynamic industry.

“The starting point for OPIT is the awareness of the misalignment in the labour market between what is taught by universities and what companies are looking for today. That so-called mismatch is generated by too much theory and too little practical approach.”

Open Institute of Technology (OPIT) is a fully EU-accredited online higher education institution specialising in cutting-edge degrees in Computer Science. By focusing on teaching competencies, flexibility and affordability, OPIT prepares students for success in the digital age.

With an esteemed faculty comprised of international professors from top universities and strong industry connections, OPIT provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that meets global standards.

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