REAL ESTATE MINUTE With Cyril Nii Ayitey Tetteh: Domestic waste to home décor ideas

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Cyril Nii Ayitey Tetteh:

Last week we shared a few bathroom cleaning hacks that gained some traction and great feedback. Today, in keeping with the hack momentum built, we will look at how to turn domestic waste materials into useful home décor items. So, before you bin those items or if you need to free up space in your storage, here is the good news according to the gospel of upcycling. Shall we?

Denim to Hanging Wardrobe

So that old denim that has served you for years has given up and given a big tear, pun very much intended. You are about to write the obituary and bury it, but no, just tarry a bit, it still has some shelf life. Shelf, yes, because you can actually turn these old denim or jeans, as we call them in this side of town, into a hanging wardrobe. Get your tailor to cut out the pocket parts and piece them together by rows and columns and viola, your new hanging wardrobe awaits.

Garden out of Plastics

This particular hack is an exciting one as you get to kill two problems with one solution. Instead of tossing those plastic bottles out, which eventually find their way in the belly of the ocean, you can create a nice vertical garden either on your balcony or any part of home by cutting the upper portion of these bottles, filling them with soil and allowing those greens to spring to life. Choose plastic bottles that can bear the weight of soil, plants, and water. Make a few holes at the bottom for drainage. Pick a spot where there is sufficient sunlight. Make a few shelves or a wire mesh grid to hang the bottles on the wall. You are all set

Bins out of old Buckets

When old buckets have grown weary and tired doing their primary jobs, there is another way to give them a secondary lease of life and relevance. Get ropes, ideally jute cords and carefully wrap it around the bucket in a steady pattern until the old bucket is fully clothed and ready to serve its new purpose as an indoor bin. Place a disposable garbage liner inside and it’s ready for use. These are ideal for the bathroom.

Lampshade out of Clothe Pegs

These days I hardly see wooden pegs around. I kind of miss their natural feel. If you do have old ones however, don’t throw them away when it’s time to replace them. You can make a lampshade out of them by pegging them at their buttons in a swirl. Try it, it provides great ambience for your living spaces.

Tables and Shelves out of Crates

Crates are more than just drink or fruit pack holders you know. They do the Lord’s work by giving you a table to have bread and wine. Turn these crates, especially the wooden ones into aesthetically pleasing center tables and shelves by asking your local carpenter to stick a couple together, give it a natural shine and you will be surprised how much of both a functional and an item of art they can become in your living room.

Enhance Acoustics with Egg trays

If you are one for creating a studio or theatre feel in your movie room, egg trays are your go to. Stick them together to your ceiling to make your room a more acoustic environment which will enhance both your listening and viewing experience by transporting you into heavenly places. It’s perfect for a movie date, she might even say yes!

There you have it folks, who would have known we could create such treasures out of trash, all the while not wasting one pesewa! Let’s do it!

The writer is the Executive director of Yecham Property Consult

 & Founder of Ghana Green Building Summit.

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: Cyril Nii Ayitey Tetteh



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