LG unveils latest laundry tech innovation

LG Electronics, a renowned leader in home appliances, is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation in laundry technology.
  • Offers a 10 Year warranty on Direct Drive Motor on all Front Load Washing Machines

LG Electronics, a renowned leader in home appliances, is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation in laundry technology. The all-new LG Washing Machine sets a new benchmark in clothes performance, providing unmatched cleaning results while ensuring optimal care for garments of all types.

The LG Washing Machine is designed to deliver outstanding performance, efficiency, and convenience, revolutionizing the way we do laundry. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this washing machine guarantees exceptional cleaning power, gentle fabric care, and user-friendly operation.

Ultimate Washing with LG Top Load Washer

There is nothing enjoyable about washing the laundry. By selecting the ideal washer, which will significantly simplify your life, you may lessen the hassle of the operation. You may have a quick and effective washing experience with an LG top-load washer. With an array of top-load washers, , LG impressive top-load washing machine has the following features:

Energy Saving with Smart Inverter Control

Through effective energy use control, smart inverter technology avoids unnecessary operation. LG Top Load Washer has a “Standby Power Save” feature that allows only a very small amount of electricity to flow through the washer if the power is turned off and the power cord is plugged in, which helps in the preservation of electricity use. While the “Auto Restart” feature will automatically make the washer restart from the point where it left off after a power outage in order to make the necessary adjustments.

Smart Motion

In order to improve washing for different fabric types, Smart Inverter devised three different motions. Agitating (Powerful Washing), Rotating (Tangle-Free), and Swinging (Delicate Washing).


Sometimes we require a powerful wash after a long day at the park or the beach, in these cases, the Turbo Wash is your saver. Through a powerful water stream generated by a drum that is revolving in the opposite direction from the pulsator, TurboDrum technology offers the strongest wash and gets rid of the toughest grime.


Who hasn’t suffered before from a washing cycle that was imbalanced? Punch+3 technology will solve this issue by generating strong water streams that repeatedly mix the clothing up and down for a balanced washing outcome.

Side Waterfall

Many of us get really bothered after getting our clothes out of the washing machine only to find that they have detergent residue all over them. You won’t have to worry about that with the LG Top Load Washer, as it has a side waterfall option that allows for the optimum detergent and water mixture while reducing detergent residue that may cause skin rashes and allergies.

LoDecibel™ & Less Vibration

One of the most essential things that many look for when it comes to a washing machine is whether it will be noisy during the wash cycle or not. With LG top-load washers, vibration and noise levels are reduced via a smart inverter motor. Also, a 10-year motor warranty is included.

Smart Diagnosis™

Another thing that everyone should consider when buying any appliance, especially a washing machine, is the service. LG Top Washer has a Smart Diagnosis feature that reduces expensive and inconvenient service visits by aiding in the diagnosis and troubleshooting of mechanical problems.

Experience Vivace Washing Machine

The LG Vivace washing machine is the best choice for you. With its smart, hassle-free design and larger capacity, you can enjoy easier cleaning and washing with less time, which equals more time to relax. The benefits you get are numerous:

18% more fabric protection with AI DD™ Technology 

The distinguished feature of the Vivace Washing machine is the AI ​​DD™ function. This means that the washing machine automatically detects the load and the softness of the fabric and intuitively optimizes its movement based on these factors to ensure your clothes shine with 18% more fabric protection!

99.9% Allergen removal with Steam™ Technology 

With LG Vivace washer, LG Steam™ technology eliminates 99.9% of allergens, such as dust mites, that can cause allergies or respiratory illnesses.

Laundry is done in just 39 minutes with TurboWash™360˚

This amazing feature helps to improve cleaning speed while also ensuring fabric protection with the use of multiple 3D nozzles that work in four different directions. That equals a faster, more thorough clean in less time!

Excellent efficiency while saving energy

To ensure maximum efficiency in less time, this device also saves up to 28% of energy compared to many other devices.

Welcome to a world where household chores are simpler and life is sweeter. With ThinQ™ technology, your washing machine just got smarter, from remote starting the washer to downloading extra cycles. Easily interact with it and get the latest innovations. Get what suits you best from any of the leading outlets at https://www.lg.com/africa/blog/lg-shop-address which comes with a 10-year warranty on the inverter direct drive motor on all front load washing machines.

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