Hyundai Motor’s all-new electric vehicle hits local market


After a lifetime in the car business, Hyundai Motor and Investment Ghana Limited – authorised dealer of Hyundai vehicles in the country, has unveilled the country’s first-ever 100 percent electric vehicle, the Kona Electric, onto the market in commercial quantity.

The all-new Kona Electric vehicle – which is a sub-compact medium SUV electric vehicle, combines sleek, stylish design with a fully electric powering system to deliver superior performance while producing zero emissions.

The Kona EV is characterised by sporty design and is equipped with latest in-car connectivity and technology, advanced safety and protective features, as well as more a comfortable and convenient experience.

When fully charged, the Kone EV can on average take one on an about-484 kilometres journey. It comes with three levels of chargers: level-one chargers are domestic ones and take about 21-22 hours to fully charge, while the level-two charger takes nine hours to fully charge and the level-three or commercial chargers on the other hand take only six hours to fully charge.

The challenge of using these electric vehicles in Ghana may be accessibility to charging them when away from home – and to address this challenge, Ing. Jones Ofori-Addo, Electricity Company of Ghana, has indicated that ECG is partnering with Hyundai Ghana to make available its infrastructure and to assist with the installation of charging spots across the country.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a statement indicated that noise pollution and emissions are two major challenges in urban centres, and the usage of electric vehicles is one sure way of addressing such challenges.

The EPA again emphasised that Ghana has committed to Electronic Mobility (E-Mobility), and this means government must put in place the needed facilities, infrastructure and policies which will enable the smooth implementation of E-mobility technologies in the country.

Country Director-Hyundai Ghana, Mahesh Mahtani, in his address emphasised that the future of vehicles is moving to electric and so it is time for Ghana to embrace the innovation in order not to be left out.

He added that though it costs a fortune, it is much better economically compared to petrol fuel-using vehicles as users will escape the daily fuel buying entrapment – noting that it is also a means of saving the environment from pollution and emissions, with underlying advantages such as no periodic maintenance, quick acceleration and no queuing at fuel stations.

General Manager and Head of Hyundai, Ganesh Phadale, stated that the starting price for the vehicle is currently GH¢359,000 – but will attract a discount of 10 percent from now to Christmas. However, there are ongoing negotiations with government agencies to offer duty exemptions in order to bring the price down and make it more affordable for every Ghanaian.

“Using this vehicle makes one socially responsible toward the environment with the zero-emission factor. Apart from that, it offers a 50 percent cost saving compared to petrol fuel cars, and it also gives the driving pleasure of a sports car performance.

“One good thing about the car is that as you are going on the road, there is an indicator showing you how many kilometres farther the car can go so you can plan accordingly. Even at a 25 percentage charge, the vehicle can take you on a 100 kilometres drive; so, it is very efficient,” he said.

The KONA Electric Vehicle features a sporty and progressive design

With the latest all-new KONA available for the first time in Ghana, it combines a full electric zero emission drive with its sporty appearance. The KONA Electric vehicle stands out through its motorsports-inspired front and rear end, body colour claddings, and diamond-cut wheel design.

The KONA EV is characterised by the dynamic features of the front bumper, harmoniously connected and unified with the body colour treatment of the wheel arch claddings. This Electric vehicle features a characteristic aerodynamic lip with low-lying corner fins for a road-hugging appearance. Larger, more technical air intake features are further distinguished by a unique mesh design and surface treatment.

On the sides, the body colour claddings and new rocker panels are complemented by the dedicated 17-inch alloy wheel design.

The interior is available with a dedicated colour package in one-tone black leather seats. In addition, the distinctive red stitching, metal pedals and logo on the gear shift and seats all contribute to a sportier look and feel.

Sleek and sophisticated design defines the new KONA

With a bold, progressive design and adventurous personality, the all-new Hyundai KONA EV has become an icon in its segment. Design updates, front and rear, give the new KONA EV a sleek, sophisticated look while keeping its robust signature style.

The new KONA EV comes with three new exterior colours including Surfy Blue, Cyber Grey, and Phantom Black. Every colour can be combined with the Phantom Black two-tone roof. The two-tone roof also comes with matching mirror housings. This contributes to its sporty and sleek appearance and gives customers more options for personalisation and self-expression.

Connectivity & Technology

The new KONA is equipped with the latest in-car connectivity and technology.

New to this model is a 10.25-inch digital cluster. In addition, the new KONA also comes with an optional 10.25-inch AVN screen, providing new connectivity features. The new AVN screen also comes with a split-screen function and multiple Bluetooth connections.

In addition, KONA comes with the latest Blue Drive upgrade which includes User profile. Customers can have a personalised User profile, and the vehicle is equipped with an eight-inch Display Audio and DAB radio, wireless Android Auto and Apple Car Play for convenient wireless connectivity of their phones to the Display Audio system.

Comfort & Roominess

Several new convenience features allow for a more comfortable and convenient experience, including second-row seats and a second-row USB port. The new KONA seats are improved, whereby passengers in the front row can also now adjust their seat height for an optimised seating position while they ride.

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