Kalifa Foundation empowers young women in bead making


In an effort to empower young girls, Kalifa Foundation – a non-governmental organisation –empowered over 50 young girls and women in bead making training programme to promote entrepreneurship and self-reliance.

The event, held at Ticheli in the Northern Region, aimed at providing entrepreneurial and handy skills to the beneficiaries to curb the unemployment rates as well prevent the beneficiaries from migrating to the urban areas in search of menial jobs that do not exit.

The enthusiastic young girls and women who participated in the skills training to gain much knowledge and new skills in the art of bead making were also taken through best customer practices and marketing skills to help sustain their businesses.

Led by skilled instructors with years of experience in the craft, the training session provided valuable hands-on experience and theoretical insights into the art of bead making while participants given the opportunity to learn various techniques, from selecting the right materials to creating beautiful and unique bead designs.

Engaging and retaining the interest of the young women in the training has proven to be an ongoing challenge. Many of the young girls and women are juggling family responsibilities and other commitments, making it difficult to fully dedicate themselves to the training. Overcoming societal stigmas and traditional gender roles also discourages the women from participating in such skill-building activities, thereby posing a significant obstacle.

Kalifa Foundation’s efforts to invest in the potential of young women through educational and skill-based programmes serve as a beacon of hope and empowerment for the future. As it looks ahead, the foundation remains steadfast in its dedication to creating a positive impact and opening doors of opportunity for the young women it serves.

Speaking after the training in an interview with the B&FT, Benedicta Adepa Awinbila said the initiative to train and equip young women in bead making aligns with its broader mission to empower and uplift the next generation of female artisans.

Ms. Awinbila, who doubles as the Women Commissioner for the Tamale Technical University,  said by imparting practical skills and creativity, the programme also aimed to not only enhance the participants’ livelihood opportunities, but also to promote entrepreneurship and self-reliance.

According to her, “with the successful completion of the bead making training, the foundation would continue to demonstrate its commitment to self-sufficiency and skill development among young women to ensure young girls and women who were not fortunate to have access to gain formal education have some entrepreneurial skills to build their career and livelihoods.

“This, I believe, would enable the participants walk away with new-found knowledge and confidence. They are poised to contribute to the growth and vibrancy of their communities through their creative endeavours,” she noted. Despite the promising nature of this initiative, the foundation still lack resources and funding to contribute to the development of future generational leaders, she added.

She stressed that the provision of the necessary tools and materials for the bead-making and other entrepreneurial training programmes would expand the initiative to rural areas. She also appealed for support to acquire suitable training spaces and facilities for a resource centre to help provide quality training to the young girls and women in the selected communities.

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