CIMG wants marketing at centre of economic recovery efforts

economic recovery process

The National President of the Chartered Institute of Marketing – Ghana (CIMG), Dr. Daniel Kasser-Tee, has stressed that marketing programmes when implemented properly can breathe more life into the ongoing economic recovery process.

Against this background, he emphasised that the state as well as private organisations should tap into the professional expertise of marketers to realise growth and accelerate efforts to return the country to a path of economic progress.

Dr. Kasser-Tee said this can be achieved through robust marketing strategies that reconnect businesses with their target audience, placing focus on changing consumer needs and preferences, and reestablishing brand loyalty.

“It is important to note that by investing in marketing, businesses not only overcome the COVID-19 pandemic’s negative impact but also propel themselves toward sustainable growth in the post-pandemic era. Despite adversities faced, the marketing community has persevered, demonstrating remarkable resilience and ingenuity,” he said.

He made these remarks at the 34th CIMG awards launch event in Accra, stating that the awards ceremony is held to, among other things, create awareness about the relevance of marketing to the success of businesses, promote higher professional marketing standards and excellence among practitioners, and to also recognise organisations for showing resilience during the year under review.

34th Marketing Performance Awards

The institute has launched the 34th edition of its annual National Marketing Performance Awards to reward excellence in the marketing industry.

The CIMG Awards, recognised as one of the oldest corporate awards events in the country, have maintained its prestige over the years due to its adherence to strict standards and professionalism with a well-structured selection process.

This 34th edition is to be held under the theme ‘Marketing: a tool for economic recovery’, and is aimed at celebrating marketers who have demonstrated resilience, adaptability and unwavering dedication to the profession in these trying times as the economy is still bouncing back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The awards cover six broad competitive areas: including Hall of Fame, Business Orgaisations, Personality, Products, Non-Profit Organisations, and Media and Marketing Communications Organisations.

Vice President-CIMG and Chair of the Awards Planning and Selection Committee, Theordora Osae, assured that this year’s edition – just as has been the case over the past, will be fair and transparent.

“I wish to boldly say that the CIMG takes pride in the several landmark accomplishments, which have greatly contributed toward improvements in organisational and professional performances, and especially so for practicing marketers,” she said.

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