Vodafone Foundation’s Rural Ultrasound Scan benefits residents of Pipie

Vodafone Ghana Foundation

In a bid to bolster maternal healthcare and curb child mortality, the Vodafone Ghana Foundation, in partnership with the Divine Mother and Child Foundation (DMAC), has implemented its Rural Ultrasound Scan project for pregnant women at Pipie in the Bosomtwe district of the Ashanti Region.

The Rural Ultrasound Scan project was part of Vodafone Ghana’s Ashanti Month celebration in June. The project aims to harness innovative ultrasonography technology to improve maternal and child health. This initiative aligns with the global Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3, which seeks to reduce maternal mortality.

48 pregnant women had screenings during the event, including scans of the uterus, abdominopelvic, and abdomen. Qualified healthcare practitioners conducted the screenings, ensuring comprehensive and seamless medical care.

Rita Rockson, Head of the Vodafone Foundation, emphasised the foundation’s commitment to enhancing maternal health in rural areas across Ghana. “Many women in rural communities face unique challenges that make it harder for them to access quality healthcare. The Foundation’s Ultrasound Scan outreach gave these women access to qualified medical care. This is also part of our contribution to reduce maternal mortality by 2030 and improve the lives of Ghanaians,” she remarked.

Rita further explained that the free ultrasound screenings are particularly beneficial for pregnant women who cannot afford such services. This initiative also addresses the issue of accessibility, as women in these communities previously had to travel long distances to undergo ultrasound scans.

One beneficiary, Margaret Konadu, expressed her gratitude to the Vodafone Ghana Foundation. She praised the foundation for aiding pregnant women with the scan service. “It has made it easy for us to get ultrasound scans right here in our community – we did not have to travel a long distance for it. Thank you, Vodafone!”

The Vodafone Ghana Foundation’s initiative is a laudable step toward achieving SDG 3 in Ghana. By leveraging technology and providing essential healthcare services, the foundation is making strides in improving maternal health and reducing child mortality.


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