CalBank, GNFS test staff readiness for emergencies


Cal Bank Ghana, in partnership with the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) and the Ambulance Service, has tested the preparedness of its staff and customers when it comes to unexpected incidents, such as fire outbreaks.

Head of Risk Management at CalBank, Saddick Arthur, speaking on the side-lines of the event which took place in Accra at the Derby Avenue branch of the bank, noted that the drill is an annual event organised by the bank as well as the Ghana National Fire Service to educate customers and staff on safety precautions.

“As part of our business continuity at CalBank, on a regular basis, we test our systems to see how well we can respond to eventualities like fires, floods, and all those things. So, today’s exercise was part of our annual programme. What we did was to safeguard the customers of CalBank and staff so that in the event of any bad incident happening, we can respond appropriately to protect lives and property,” he said.

He added that: “We train our staff regularly on how to respond to some of these incidents and I’m sure you all saw how well they all responded. When the alarm was triggered, they all moved to what we call ‘assembly points’, which is where they’re supposed to be. We also noted that for the customers, they also took the exercise seriously and then responded and moved to the location where they had to be while we quickly mobilised to address the issue”.

Mr. Arthur reiterated his outfit’s commitment to educating staff and customers on how to observe safety measures in times of unforeseen events.

In line with safety requirements, customers and staffs numbering a little over 50 evacuated the premises as quickly as they could within the pace of 3 minutes at the sound of the fire alarm. They exited the premises using the stairs instead of the elevator in times of emergencies despite not being pre-informed about the exercise.

On her part, the Calbank Derby Avenue Branch Manager, Alberta Taylor, stated that the exercise has thrown more light on best ways to reach out for help from the Ghana National Fire Service in case of fire outbreak. She added that it has given the customers some assurance with regards to doing business with the bank.

“The fire drill is a very educative exercise that was done this morning; at least our customers around know that when you call on Fire Service, they will respond to the urgency,” she said.

Speaking to B&FT, the Security Coordinator of CalBank, Thomas Addei Nketiah, cautioned Ghanaians to ensure the availability of fire extinguishers in their homes and offices and learn how to use them.

“We all know that fire is very destructive, so each and every one of us has to be very sensitive concerning fire. There are many causes of fire, especially at the kitchen, so everybody should take precaution concerning fire outbreaks in order to protect lives and property,” he advised.

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