The future of teeth straightening is in artificial intelligence – Dr. Norvishie Arkutu


Dr. Norvishie Arkutu, an award-winning Orthodontist and Chief Executive Officer of Platinum Orthodontics and Advanced Dentistry, has stated that artificial intelligence will push the boundaries of orthodontic care by using Aligners – a series of invisible, removable, thin coverings that move teeth into their correct position.

She made this remark at the 32nd Annual Congress of the Ghana Dental Association held in Accra from 30th June to 1st July, under the theme Advances in dentistry and oral health.

She emphasised that the adoption of artificial intelligence in dentistry is present and real, and urged the Association to be open-minded to the current trends and embrace the technological changes. According to Dr. Norvishie Arkutu – who also doubles as a consultant orthodontist, Aligners are the Chat GTP of dentistry.

Aligners are indeed an innovation in dental care and a popular alternative to traditional braces. She said aligners are better placed in terms of aesthetic appeal, flexibility of use and exactness of outcome. She however pointed out that best results can only be guaranteed based on skill and expertise of the Orthodontist/clinician administering the treatment, and therefore cautioned this technology should not be followed blindly.

She thus urged the Association to work very closely with companies in the production of Aligners to ensure the needed education and guidance is given, and regulated with a view to guaranteeing safe and efficient patient care.

She is confident that with the advancements that are currently being witnessed in the use of Aligners, patients will achieve excellent results within shorter treatment times when treated by a well-trained professional.  Other than the cosmetic advantage of having straighter teeth, straight teeth makes it easier to keep the teeth clean – which reduces the chances of getting tooth decay and gum problems.  It also causes less teeth-grinding and can prevent problems with eating in old age.

In her keynote address, Deputy Minister of Health, Gifty Tina Naa Ayeley Mensah, congratulated the Ghana Dental Association for the strides made in enhancing access to oral care in the country – and reiterated the Association’s need to embrace technological advancement in oral care, which will promote precise and effective treatment while extending access through tele-dentistry and other innovations.

The deputy minister recognised fast-growing areas of cosmetic dentistry such as orthodontics and veneering, and urged the Association to be more proactive in providing leadership and guidance in promoting such procedures, while ensuring high ethical standards are maintained. On the part of government, she assured members of the Association that government will continue to partner with all relevant stakeholders in providing the needed training and education.

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