Bui Power Authority: a corporate profile


The Bui Power Authority (BPA) was established by an Act of Parliament, BPA Act 740, 2007 with a mandate to plan, execute and manage the Bui Hydroelectric Project, now the Bui Generating Station (BGS).

This mandate was expanded in 2017 to explore Renewable Energy projects in line with the Government of Ghana’s target of increasing renewable energy in the country’s energy mix by 10% by 2030.  To this effect, the BPA Act was amended in 2020 (Bui Power Authority (Amendment) Act, 2020) Act 1046 to enable BPA to develop its Renewable Energy and other clean energy alternatives in the country.

Our Renewable Energy Drive includes:

  1. 404MW Bui Generating Station

The Bui Generating Station, located on the Black Volta River was commissioned on December 19, 2013. It has an installed capacity of 404MW from four generating units including three 133.33MW Francis Turbine Units and a 4MW Turbinette.

  1. 250MWp Solar Project to form the first Hydro-Solar Hybrid to be connected to the National Grid. Initial 50MW commissioned in November 2020 and connected to the National Interconnected Transmission System.

The first phase of the 250MWp commenced with a 50MWp solar plant, which was commissioned in November 2020 and connected to the national grid, the first solar to grid connection in the country.  When completed, the 250MWp will be the first Hydro-Solar Hybrid (HSH) scheme in the subregion.

  1. Tsatsadu Micro Hydro Generating Station

BPA led the design and construction of a 45kW Tsatsadu Generating Station (TGS) in Alavanyo in the Volta Region with local expertise in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Energy Commission, United Nations Development Programme and the International Network on Small Hydro Power of China.

  1. 5MWp Floating Solar PV

The BPA has completed an initial 1MWp of a 5MWp Floating Solar PV System on the Bui Reservoir.  It is the first of its kind in the West African subregion.

  1. 31kW Rooftop Solar PV and 1kW Wind at BPA Heights

BPA has completed a pilot 1MW wind turbine, which is operational at its Accra office, BPA Heights, located at #11 Dodi Link, Airport Residential Area where it is hybridized with the existing solar plant to augment the power generation for the building.


BPA is mindful of giving back, to this extent the Authority has in place a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy for activities which include, but not limited to, education; health and medical; social and cultural support; and sports. The Project Affected Persons (PAPs) continue to benefit substantially.

Also, the Authority through its Livelihood Enhancement Programme has developed business modules and assisted the PAPs to register same at the Registrar General’s Department as independent businesses and acquired Public Procurement Authority’s certificates. As contractors working for BPA, an estimated amount of GH¢200,000 is spent monthly as payments within the Resettlement Townships for services rendered to the Authority.

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