Russia-Africa Summit to promote partnership

Photocredit: Modern Diplomacy

The Russia-Africa Summit is the highest profile and largest scale event in Russian–African relations.

It is aimed at bringing about a fundamentally new level of mutually beneficial partnership to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The goal of the event is to promote efforts to strengthen comprehensive co-operation between Russia and African nations across all sectors of society, including politics, security, economic relations, science and technology, and cultural and humanitarian spheres.

It is recalled that the first Russia-Africa Summit took place on 23rd-24th October, 2019 in Sochi under the motto of Peace, Security and Development.

That summit was the first time such a large-scale event had been held in the history of modem Russia, with regards to Russian-African relations.

The participants identified priority areas of economic cooperation where concrete result could be achieved in the coming years.

A closing declaration was adopted at the end of the summit, outlining the approval of goals and objectives for the future development of Russian-African cooperation across politics, security economics, science and technology, culture and humanitarian sphere.

A member of the Parliamentary Committee on Trade and Industry said Ghana stands a better chance if it honours that invitation as it has always been the case.

According to him, there are some fundamental cooperation agreements that have been signed with Russia. Ghana’s attending this summit could help to explore some avenues for the implementation of those signed agreements.

He said the country could take advantage of the summit to hold plenary sessions with Ministers of Gas and other areas where Ghana has agreements with Russia to discuss them for their implementation.

That, he said, would also make the bilateral cooperation between Ghana and Russia stronger.

Carrying our multi-vector policy in the trade and economic sphere is one of bases of sustainable development of any state. Unfortunately, today, we can see many examples of violation of former traditional supply chains of necessary agricultural products and grains to Africa.

The economic downturn is a result of a pandemic of COVID and Western sanctions destroying the basic rules of the healthy competition.

African countries now have no other choice then to search for new ways of ensuring the food security. The majority of the countries of the continent have not only confirmed their participation at the Russian-African Summit, but have also fulfilled the concrete agenda of negotiations, of which the main objective is recovery of equal mutually beneficial cooperation in various areas, including on the direction of bilateral trade turnover in the sphere of food.

Being influenced by serious consequences in the economy, Ghana – as nobody else – is interested in the involvement of new opportunities for the solution of internal economic problems, where Russia can provide the real help and assistance.

The forthcoming summit can help Accra once again, in practice, to fulfill the initiative in the systems of mutual settlements of barter schemes, such as payment for goods or services in gold.

Taking into account plans of Ghana for increase in extraction of the specified precious metal, study of real ways of involvement of this mechanism can become a successful example, allowing to use the similar scheme in commercial transactions and with other trade partners of Ghana.

For ensuring sustained economic growth along with its constantly increasing population, Ghana needs to solve a complex problem of generation of additional capacities of providing the country with electric energy in the nearest future.

The existing hydro and thermal power plants do not cope with the growing energy consumption and are not able to increase capacities even at modernisation.

In these conditions, one of the most effective and reliable ways of permission of the specified problem is construction on the territory of the country the nuclear power plants.

It is known that Russia is the recognised leader in the field of nuclear power. The forthcoming summit will be the ideal platform for discussion of real prospects of the solution to problems of energy security in Ghana.

Against the background of the worsening situation in the security sphere and activation of local conflicts, the international community, especially permanent members of UNSC (including Russia), should pay more attention on questions of maintenance of stability in the region on the basis of the principles of equality and indivisible security.

Moscow has the sufficient potential to give real support to the countries of Africa in maintenance of the needed level of security not only through  advisory help, training of military personnel or other security forces, representation of qualitative, reliable arms and military equipment, but also by exchange of information on security issues in the African region.

Ghana, as the initiator and the active member of the Accra Initiative, is interested in ensuring stability in the West African countries.

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