SMEs make significant savings with Vodafone Cash’s free money transfer service

Vodafone Cash free money transfer

The ravaging impact of the pandemic affected a vast number of small businesses who also struggled to keep up with their recurring monthly expenditure. Whilst focusing on cutting budget and operating efficiently, businesses became critical of every amount spent.

One remarkable initiative, which has seemingly brought relief to small businesses during this pandemic, is the zero charges on mobile money transfers from Vodafone Cash. With this arrangement, businesses are able to transfer any amount of money from their Vodafone Cash accounts to any other mobile money account without charges.

In essence, businesses that use Vodafone Cash to pay wages and salaries, suppliers and other monthly transactions have been saving the transfer charges they would have incurred. One could for instance, save as much as GH¢100 if they needed to send GH¢1,000 or more to 10 different mobile money accounts.

Reminiscing over what many have described as bold and purpose-first decision, some SME have praised the Telco for the relief they say it has brought them. According to them, through this “show of goodwill,” they are able to save the charges on money transfers to solve other pressing needs.

“Thanks to the free mobile money transfers on Vodafone Cash, my cost of doing business has reduced and this has enhanced my profit base. If I am able to save even a hundred cedis per month as a result of the non-payment of charges on money transfers, that is a crumb of comfort, especially in these hard times,” said Dr Eunice Quansah, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nkunim Seafood Enterprise in Cape Coast.

On his part, Kenneth Sackey, an event organizer based in Accra, is even more happy with the service.  “Unless I am required to produce physical cash, I do not need to go to bank to deposit or send money to my partners and clients.

I am able to do these anywhere and anytime especially knowing that I will not be charged. Moreover, I get to purge myself of all the risks associated with carrying huge sums of money to bank to either deposit in my account or send to someone. Vodafone Cash offers me a viable alternative with its unfettered free transfer,” he said.

For Gifty Pino of Agee Ventures, her upbeat about Vodafone Cash is especially based on what she describes as trading made simple and special. According to her, she now has the peace of mind to concentrate on the things that matter the most without caring at all about how much to pay for transferring money from her phone to her business partners or loved ones.

“I sell bags, shoes and dresses. Vodafone Cash has made trading special for me. I mean, because of Vodafone Cash, I am not charged a pesewa for sending any amount of money to anyone, regardless of their network. The complete removal of charges on Vodafone Cash has given us traders peace of mind. Indeed, Vodafone Cash has really helped us,” she said.


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