MTN to give away 25 cars, other freebies to customers

MTN to give away 25 cars, other freebies to customers

MTN Ghana, as part of its 25th anniversary celebration, is giving away 25 brand new cars and other valuable freebies to its over 21 million customers across the country, the telecom giant’s senior specialist, segment marketing, Maxwell Arthur has announced.

Mr. Authur made the mouth-watering announcement during an online media encounter to launch the MTN 25 anniversary promo.

Dubbed ‘MTN 25th Anniversary Mega Promo’ the promotion is based on usage where participants accrue points via revenue-generating activities such as Voice, Data, SMS, Value Added Service (VAS), digital and Mobile Money transactions where fees are charged. The promo points are skewed towards revenue-generating activities performed on MTN Ghana’s digital platforms. A customer enters into the promo by dialling *156# and select option 5.

Addressing journalists during the online event, Mr. Authur noted that the promo targets all MTN customers as part of the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Scancom PLC in recognition of its customer’s loyalty. The Promo will run from August to October 2021.

Participants could win a brand-new Hyundai Sonata, cash rewards, and free airtime amongst others, he stated, adding that to deepen MTN Ghana’s regionalized value proposition, “the promo is designed to ensure that at least a customer in each of the 16 regions drives home a brand-new Hyundai Sonata.”

Determining winners

Winner selection, rankings, and prizes would be available to only those who opt in by dialling *156#. Fibre Broadband (FBB) customers are opted in by default and will not require to dial *156#, Authur explained. The minimum spend which qualifies a customer to accrue promo points is one pesewa and above.

Meanwhile, non-voice numbers such as Access Point Names (APNs), MIFIs, Modems, Routers etc. are excluded from the promotion, however purchases made from other MTN Phone numbers or Sim Cards for these services will accrue points on the purchasing MSISDN.

How do FBB and Fixed LTE (FLTE/Turbonet) user qualify?

An FBB and Fixed LTE (FLTE/Turbonet) user can qualify for participation in the promo by making an FBB or FLTE data purchase for his or her account on any platform. ALL purchases for FBB or FLTE data on ALL platforms will accrue points on the FBB or FLTE account. Points accumulation cannot be checked real time and will be reported at end of month

If a number purchases data for any non-voice SIM (e.g. MIFI, Modems, and Routers) in a device, the parent / the MSISDN that purchases the data will be rewarded with the applicable promo points. Usage of bundled data by the linked SIM (Non-voice SIM in a device) does not accrue points.

Unqualified customers will receive the feedback “Dear customer you are not eligible for this offer.”

Accruing points based on spend or usage

All qualified MTN customers will accrue points based on spend or usage. The promo will award 10 points for every pesewa spent on My MTN App, Ayoba App, Pulse, MTN hoods channel on Facebook & MoMo App. Spend on MoMo App is limited to the fees /charge per MoMo transaction.

Customers will be assigned target points just once, at the start of the promo and will have same target points for the duration of the promo. Monthly prize rewards will be based on the percentage margins with which participants exceed their target points ranked from the highest percentage margin to the lowest.

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