Ghana Entrepreneurs & Corporate Executives Awards celebrates excellence

Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana

The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana (EFG) has successfully hosted the 13th edition of the Ghana Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executives Awards and Summit 2023, honoring exceptional entrepreneurs, corporate business leaders who have made significant contributions to the country’s economy.

The event, held under the theme “Promoting Business Cooperation between Private and Public Sector Development in Ghana”, took place in Accra.

Organized by the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana in collaboration with the State Interests and Governance Authority and Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the event aimed to facilitate networking opportunities and recognize outstanding leaders who have demonstrated remarkable achievements and exceptional leadership in their respective fields.

The event also celebrated successful entrepreneurs through the Ghana Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Award, which recognized those who have not only achieved significant success but have also built vast business empires.

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award categories included the Overall Best Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2022, Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2022, and Woman Entrepreneur/CEO of the Year Award 2022. Additionally, the Corporate and Public Service Chief executive officers (CEOs) award categories recognized exceptional leaders such as Overall Best Corporate CEO of the Year 2022, Overall Best Public Service CEO of the Year 2022, and Outstanding Public Service CEO of the Year 2022.

Organizer for the event, Mr. Ato Gaisie, expressed his gratitude for the sustained collaboration with various stakeholders. He also emphasized the importance of inviting recognized entrepreneurs from Kenya to share their experiences in future editions, promoting cross-border learning and collaboration.

On his part, Kenyan High Commissioner to Ghana, Eliphas Barine, delivering a speech at the event, acknowledged the symbiotic relationship between the private and public sectors and highlighted the need for frequent engagement between the two.

He recommended that “government must listen to the challenges and concerns of the private sector, while also informing them of planned policy changes. I encourage the recognition and support of youth innovation, as their fresh ideas could elevate the technological landscape of the nation”.

The High Commissioner emphasized the necessity of frequent engagement forums between the private sector and the government. According to him, these platforms provide an opportunity for the government to listen to the challenges and concerns of the private sector and, in turn, inform them of planned policy changes and the expected roles of the sector.

“For example a recent roundtable between took place between KEPSA (Kenya Private Sector Alliance) and the Kenyan government, showcasing how such engagements create a conducive environment and facilitate policy changes for the benefit of all stakeholders,”he added.

Eliphas Barine extended his congratulations to the awardees for their sustained performance and encouraged them to consider expanding their value chains to include upcoming businesses, particularly those in the micro and small enterprise (MSE) sector. He recommended supporting youth innovation through corporate social responsibility initiatives, as their fresh ideas can drive technological advancements and elevate the nation’s status.

He also drew attention to the importation of value-added products from outside Africa, noting that Africa continues to lose its wealth through this practice. He urged the CEOs and participants present to promote the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) by consuming products produced within Africa. This change in attitude, he emphasized, would help retain wealth within the continent and create employment opportunities for African youth.

The Ghana Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executives Awards and Summit 2023 showcased the significant impact made by outstanding individuals in driving economic growth, creating employment opportunities, and promoting collaboration between the private and public sectors.

The event served as a platform to honor achievers and inspire future generations of entrepreneurs and corporate executives.


Many remarkable individuals were recognized for their outstanding achievements in their respective fields. Brent Nartey, Managing Director of Engen Ghana Limited, stood out as the Most Promising Corporate CEO of the Year for 2022.

Mrs. Abena Osei-Poku, the Managing Director of Absa Bank Ghana Ltd, was honored with the Outstanding Corporate CEO of the Year Award in the Banking & Finance sector, with Ato Afful, Managing Director of Graphic Communications Group, as  top Corporate CEO of the Year in the Print Media Services category.

In the Medical Laboratory Services sector, Dr. Paul Sekyere-Nyantakyi,  Chief Executive Officer of MDS-Lancet Laboratories Ghana Ltd, was rewared for his remarkable leadership.

The event also highlighted exceptional individuals in the public service sector, where Rosy Fynn, the Country Director of Mastercard Foundation Ghana, was recognized as the Outstanding Country Director of the Year, Catherine Wesley while the Country Manager of Emirates Airline Ghana, was honored with the Outstanding Corporate CEO of the Year Award in the Airline Services sector.

The ceremony further celebrated the achievements of Jemima Oware, the Registrar of Companies in the Office of the Registrar of Companies, who received the Outstanding Public Service CEO of the Year Award in the Business Development Services category.

These exceptional individuals, along with other distinguished award winners in various sectors, served as inspirations and role models for their exemplary leadership and contributions to their respective fields.

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