Poetry Corner: Gender Inequalities 


The virgins

The vessels

The weaker vessels


From their belly

We are born

Through their cuddling

We are weaned

…for life

By their caresses

We are sworn

…into life


The wives

The mothers

The grandmothers


At their nipples

We are breast-fed

On their laps

We are spoon-fed

In their bosom

We are nursed

If we blossom

They are blessed


The maidens

The lasses

The damsels

The ladies


What they need

We must search to find

What they want

We must run to search to find


When they say no

They mean yes

When they say yes

They need more

They say, “I do”

When they mean, “Yes I don’t”

“Oh stop it, I like it”


The beauties

The queens

The fair species


Near whom

We are warm

Far from whom

We are groping worms

When they are weak

We are strong

When they are strong

Then we must run along


The spinster



So lonely

So unsure

So lost

So desperate


The wedded



So honoured

So secure

So bossy

So liberated


The divorced


Counts her blessings

“If I had not left him…”

Curses her stars

“If only he had not left me…”


The feminine

The female

The woman


Without whom

We are incomplete

…a missing rib

With whom

We have a complete complement

…a fitting rib


The bride

The spouse

The mate

The better half


Beside whom

We get the other half

Aside from whom

We are only a half


The miss

The missus

The madam


When they walk behind us

We are successful captains

When they walk in the lead

We are sucklings sulking ruefully

At our death

They are endowed widows

At their death

We are orphaned widowers


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