Adjo&Kojo’s No Reason for Rhyme: You’ve Got a Black Soul


You’ve got a black soul—it’s true

Deep, threatens an overshadow—dimmed

You’ve got a black soul; it’s true

It corrupts the other into other

Intimidates, infuriates—has a power problem

Black soul’s truce’s to accept the low

Imposed, self-accepted—the low

The powerful accepts the powerless

Your black soul

It’s a lie

It’s true.



God, black, the other—the order

The truth’s controversial

So, God, the other, black—the reordering

The truce’s controversial

Your black soul, deep—dimmed

You’ve got a black soul; it’s true

False, tampered, corrupted

Your black soul, tampered so the other may breathe freely

May live freely

Your black soul, corrupted so the other may shine brightly

May live largely


Your truth: in your truth or your truce?


For heaven’s sake, blind Isaac’s first, Esau, saw Rebecca’s Jacob come for his, a mile away—four thousand miles away

A meal away


Freely he gives his for food

Transient, abysmal; so here, the real heir’s to Israel.


Rebecca and hers fought for theirs—Israel, born of fight


You’ve got a black soul—it’s true

It’s large; it owns; it looms

Yet, lost.

You’ve got a black soul—it’s lost

It lost

Its truth, lies in its truth or its truce?


For heaven’s sake Jacob’s Joseph saw his brothers coming a dream away

Taken, reduced

Reclamation, late?


Oh! for heaven’s sake Joseph’s still got life in him


You’ve got a black soul—she’s true

God, black with the other—the order.

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