IDFR2023: PayAngel—revolutionizing cross-border payments and empowering customers


PayAngel, the esteemed cross-border payment platform in Africa, is at the forefront of transforming financial transactions on the continent. With a multitude of prestigious awards under its belt, PayAngel has consistently met the evolving needs of African Diasporans and their families, facilitating over $100 million in transactions. It has become the preferred choice for sending money to Ghana and 11 other African countries from abroad, with aspirations to expand its reach to encompass 32 receiving nations in Africa.

PayAngel’s commitment to customer protection remains unwavering, saving its users millions of dollars from the clutches of fraudsters and scammers. Their platform, built on scalability, robustness, and innovative defense mechanisms, utilizes a powerful network effect and is fortified by SHA-256 encryption, ensuring the security of customers’ hard-earned money.

The company has also been a steadfast supporter of returning migrant businesses in both urban and rural areas. Through their Direct to Merchant Business Solution (D2MR), these businesses gain easy access to diasporan markets and seamlessly receive payments from abroad, without any intermediaries involved.

Furthermore, PayAngel’s responsive multilingual customer experience team, available 24/7, has saved customers substantial sums. Resolving issues within 24 hours, they provide a delightful 360-degree customer experience service. Additionally, customers benefit from unbeatable rates and instant transfers, allowing them to monitor transactions until their intended purpose is achieved.

Recent insights highlight the immense potential for digitizing payment systems in Africa, with over 200 million migrant workers sending money to more than 800 million families. This presents a significant opportunity for the continent to experience rapid financial digitization, serving as a catalyst for formal remittances.

In celebration of the International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR), now adopted by the United Nations, PayAngel is dedicated to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By striving to reduce the cost of remittances and driving financial inclusion, PayAngel has saved its customers millions in transfer fees. Considering the cumulative USD $4.7 billion sent into Ghana by citizens abroad in 2022, this reduction in remittance costs has made a substantial impact on their financial well-being, as reported by The World Bank.

PayAngel reiterates its commitment to providing simple and streamlined payment solutions, accompanied by exceptional customer care from end to end. With a vision for continuous improvement, PayAngel empowers its customers and paves the way for a more inclusive and efficient financial future.


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