Appolonia City opens talks with gov’t over 400-acre industrial park

Appolonia City Signage

Developers of Appolonia City, a state-of-the-art residential and commercial community in Accra, have opened talks with government to designate the Appolonia Industrial Park as a special economic zone for light manufacturing industries.

The park, a 200-acre land with a potential for an additional 200 acres, is located within Appolonia City along the Oyibi to Dodowa road.

The plan for the industrial park is to house light manufacturing industries- logistics, warehousing, research and development and the talks with government is to grant potential occupants tax incentives.

“The plan is to not have any facilities that will cause pollution because of its closeness to residential enclaves within Appolonia City,” said Adamu Ben-Mahmoud Junior, Utilities and Urban Infrastructure Manager at Appolonia City.

“One of the things we are doing in the industrial park is to have discussions with the Ministry of Trade and Industry to designate the park as a special economic zone and that comes with tax incentives,” he added.

Mr. Ben-Mahmoud said this when a team from the UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce (UKGCC), led by its Executive Director, Adjoba Kyiamah, visited the project site as part of a familiarisation tour.

He said the discussions had advanced and that so far there has been a clear commitment from government. “So, it is the legal framework that has to be finalised and we are sure that when that is done, Appolonia Industrial Park will be designated as a special economic zone.”

The discussions were initially expected to conclude by the end of this year but for the disruptions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the company now anticipates that another 12 months will be enough to finish the talks.

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