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Safety measures to avoid domestic accidents

These days, hardly a day passes without reading online about some domestic accident, some mild, some even fatal. In the age of tech and gadgets, we have so many devices to manage as well as keeping an eye on the kids. It’s a lot to ask, if you have a day job and a couple of kids running around the house. Your best bet is to put in place measures to prevent completely or mitigate the effects of accidents. Here are few to consider.

Gas Safety

The first rule is to station the cylinder out of kitchen completely, ideally outside of the kitchen and connect the hose to the stove inside.

If you can smell gas or a leak, open the windows and avoid lighting any form of fire whatsoever. Avoid switching on other electrical appliances nearby as there could be a reaction that could spark an explosion.

Hot Water Shower Electrocution

This hazard seems to be occurring more these days. This mainly occurs with instant water heaters that have become defective or not properly maintained exposing those showering to direct electricity from the device and possible electrocution.

Some of the popular causes are no earth connectivity or unreliable earth wiring, bad installation by unqualified electricians etc. To prevent electrocution, it is advised to avoid the causes above and augment that by installing a Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB) which will protect an individual from the risks of electrical shocks, electrocution.


Like many other people, poisoning from carbon monoxide is the least on our minds. It is so because unlike other gases, you can barely smell or detect it. We can be poisoned through regular exposure to leaks from devices or appliances like heaters, ovens and appliances that use fossil fuels, like gas. Since its very difficult to detect, you best bet is to install a carbon monoxide detector.

Fire Safety

This one is more common than you think and can end up with tragic consequences too. It seems a given to install fire or smoke detectors in your house but many of us think fires are far from us. Fire however engulfs quickly and a smoke detector is a fundamental installation to quickly detect and prevent fire. Devices aside, our lifestyle, particularly that of children should be monitored since they have a penchant of playing with matches and lighters which can spark a fire. Make sure you have an escape plan in place should an enforceable fire occur.

Childproof Electric Sockets

This is pretty straightforward, buy that cabinet locker, fridge lockers and socket covers to childproof your kids from being affected by defective wiring or earthing that can cause electric shocks.

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