Rejuvenate Gaia Global allays farmers’ fear of fertiliser shortage


Rejuvenate Gaia Global Limited, the sole licensed importer and dealer of Greenfert Organic Granular Fertiliser has allayed the fears of farmers about fertiliser shortage, as it disclosed that imported quantities keep increasing significantly irrespective of the dire external factors.

According to the management of the organisation, though the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war had a significant impact on industrial production globally and disrupted supply-chain of manufactured goods, especially fertiliser, and other agricultural inputs, the brand’s solid network with international partners ensured that quantities of the product requested for import were on constant supply, hence farmers would not experience any shortage.

Managing Director of Rejuvenate, Randolph Obeng Frimpong, stated that the firm has in stock a good quantity of the Greenfert organic fertiliser to supply agents across all the farming regions of the country for easy access this farming season, as it is essential to aid increased cultivation and yield.

“We all remember that just after the COVID-19 pandemic, fertiliser was a big challenge for farmers because of the challenges with a drop in production, rising prices, and shipment hindrances. With the help of our partner’s relationship with manufacturers in Holland, Ghana was made one of the priority zones, and we were consistently getting increased supply to close the gap as others were not able to bring in products.

In spite of that, we did not increase the price of our products nor reduced the quantity supply which even increased our client base significantly. I believe we are still capable of providing farmers with whatever quantity they need and address any issues of shortage this farming season,” he said.

Mr. Obeng Frimpong made these remarks at an event to announce the winners of the first edition of the ‘Buy and win’ promotion to reward farmers across the country. This first raffle rewarded three lucky winners who bought Greenfert fertiliser in the month of April 2023.

The ultimate winner for this first raffle was Vivian Abora, from the Secondi-Takoradi Municipal Assembly, who received a cash prize of GH₵4,000. The second and third place went to Bek & Bek Farms, and Joseph Teye Kofi, both from the Yilo Krobo Municipal Assembly, making away with GH₵3,000 each,

The promotion, which is scheduled to span throughout this year 2023, will reward prizes worth GH₵10, 000 to three lucky farmers every month. To qualify, farmers are required to buy one or more Greenfert Organic fertilizers from any of its registered agents nationwide.

Deputy Managing Director, Rejuvenate, Dr. Gameli Nordor, on his part mentioned that the initiative is aimed at rewarding customer loyalty and also celebrating its relationship with the cherished farmers across the different regions of the country.

“All we are aiming to do is to give farmers additional help aside from the top-quality fertilizer we have been providing that solves a two-in-one problem, which is providing the soil with the right nutrients and also fixing the soil in the long term due to its organic nature. Greenfert is a one-time application product that lasts for at least six months, providing the right quantity of nutrients required by the crops,” he said.

He added that Greenfert fertiliser is a hundred percent organic and hence aids in soil improvement, therefore farmers should opt for the 4-3-3 formula brand of product for an increased yield.

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