Upstream Petroleum Chamber promotes increased collaboration with GRA


The Ghana Upstream Petroleum Chamber and Ghana Revenue Authority have started a series of quarterly seminars between them to improve the understanding of each other’s needs and enhance collaboration. The first seminar took place last week and involved 30 participants from the GRA’s Petroleum Tax Unit and member-companies of the upstream petroleum sector. They discussed the Growth and Sustainability Levy, Creeping Taxes and the Audit Process as a whole.

Commenting, David Ampofo called on the GRA to “strengthen its skills and capabilities to ensure fair and transparent tax assessments of businesses”.

Mr. Edward Gyambrah, Deputy Commissioner-General indicated that: “When you work together, you get to understand each other better; and that is good for both parties”.

The Upstream Petroleum Chamber’s engagement with GRA reflects a proactive approach to fostering collaboration, addressing industry challenges, and promoting a fair and transparent business environment.

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