Corps Africa engages stakeholders


Corps Africa Ghana, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), has organised a soirée to engage other NGOs in a bid to promote development and establish strong collaborations.

The event sought to introduce Corps Africa Ghana to long-standing NGOs and development partners, showcasing its small-sized projects and the diverse needs of the communities it serves.

Country Director of Corps Africa Ghana, Moses Cofie, in his remarks, highlighted the potential for successful outcomes when NGOs collaborate with Corps Africa. He said their volunteers are deeply rooted in the communities and have fostered a sense of ownership and problem-solving mindset among the residents.

Mr. Cofie emphasised the importance of recognising and involving multiple stakeholders in development, adding that Corps Africa aims at guiding and directing NGOs, and aiding toward addressing community needs effectively.

By fostering collaboration and sharing expertise, Corps Africa Ghana seeks to create a conducive environment for NGOs and development partners to make a meaningful impact in communities, ultimately benefitting the residents of beneficiary communities and increasing the success rate of development projects.

Speaking on some impactful stories of Corps Africa Ghana, he said that through training and hands-on assistance, the volunteers have been helping the communities solve basic problems and change mindsets. Notable successes include teaching community members how to produce reusable sanitary pads – empowering mothers who previously struggled to afford them, and providing education on making inexpensive liquid soap.

He added that the volunteers have become vital in helping community members solve pressing issues and have received tremendous appreciation from the locals.

“The volunteers were deployed in the first week of January. When you go to the communities and see how the communities love them, it is so amazing. Anytime we call them for re-training, the people do not want to allow them to go. This is how the communities have accepted us,” he said.

The initiative by Corps Africa Ghana, according to him, is bringing about positive changes in mindsets, with the government and community members expressing surprise and admiration for the volunteers’ dedication.

The DP soirée

Dubbed development project (DP) soire, the event served as a platform for Corps Africa Ghana to establish itself in the development landscape and demonstrate its commitment to community-driven solutions. The event showcased the organisation’s understanding of the importance of stakeholder involvement and its dedication to empowering communities to take charge of their own development.

As Corps Africa Ghana continues to engage with other stakeholders, it seeks to create opportunities for partnerships that can leverage local knowledge and resources, ensuring sustainable and impactful outcomes for development initiatives.

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