Artlife Matters partners Samsung to empower creatives

Artlife Matters partners Samsung to empower creatives

Artlife Matters uses collaboration as an outreach for community building. We seize every opportunity to demonstrate to our audience that, the creative arts industry is one of the underrated driving forces of the economy and if given the needed attention, it would not only contribute significantly to developing countries GDP but will also deliver effective ways of influencing the society, preserving cultural value (identity) and balancing the emotions of humanity


We are excited to announce our partnership with the Samsung Art Store. The initiative is already fuelling the passion of many creatives through a digital creative revenue platform. With this platform, local photographers, painters and digital artists can easily reach a global market while earning an income per view. Artlife Matters as a partner has the mandate to ensure Ghanaian/African artworks are accessible on over two million premium televisions/customers across the world.


The Samsung Frame TV is a world-class display unit that functions as a television when turned on and transforms into a unit of framed artwork when turned off. This is not your regular television, it has become the most stylish ornament in every home, office, gallery and the like.


Through this  partnership, local creatives will earn shareable revenue as customers subscribe to showcase their prefered artworks at a fee. The revenue share (RS) model is based on viewing time. Terms and conditions apply.

We welcome interested creatives (Photographers, Digital Artists and Painters) and studios to subscribe via or follow our communications on Instagram: @artlifematters; and on Facebook: Artlife Matters.

We also urge individuals and groups who appreciate the infinite beauty of life to grab any of these premium devices to pride themselves with these top-notch African artworks anywhere in the world.

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