HD+ CEO, Theodore Asampong, shares story of resilience on YLeaderboard

Theodore Asampong, shares story of resilience on YLeaderboard
HD+ CEO, Theodore Asampong

… From unfulfilled pilot dreams to reimaging high-definition satellite broadcast service provision

They say the sum of a man’s life experiences accumulates to make him who he dreams to be and shapes a path for his future. This saying is true and is visibly seen in the life and achievements of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SES HD Plus Ghana Limited, Theodore Asampong.

With the dream of becoming a pilot, Theodore worked hard to achieve that dream but was unfortunately shattered along the way. Being a resilient man, he did not let that stop him in any way and went ahead to channel his energies into pursuing something else which has revolutionized the television viewing experience in Ghana.

The pioneer, honoring an invitation on Y107.9FM’s Leaderboard Series moderated by Rev Erskine, host of the Myd Morning Radio Show, shared his journey from wanting to be a pilot to ending up as one of the world’s celebrated CEOs and the in-betweens.

After bagging a Second class honors in Physics at the Imperial College, London, he decided to pursue his lifelong dream, piloting by enrolling with the Royal Airforce to fast track his dream. To become an Airforce pilot, one had to go through a couple of tests with the most critical one being the vision test and that is where his dream of becoming a pilot was put to an end.

“I thought, let me join the Royal Airforce because I wanted to fly one of those planes so I went in there, went through some tests and passed them but when it came to the medicals, they found out that I didn’t have 2020 vision,” he said.

Lacking the 20/20 vision which proved he did not have the best of eye sights, Theodore still forged on and decided to be around planes if he could not fly them. He joined the force as a grounds crew for a period but eventually left to pursue a course in spacecraft technology and satellite communication to put him much closer to being a spaceman.

After receiving his degree, Theodore decided to apply his knowledge into global satellite operations, an achievement we can say is superior to flying a fighter jet or cargo plane. Now, he launches satellites into the orbit at heights beyond that of airplanes.

Theodore is now the CEO of SES HD Plus GH Ltd, the country’s premium high-definition satellite broadcast service provider. SES HD Plus Ghana Limited is a subsidiary of SES, a leading global satellite operator with a fleet of over 70 satellites.

Sharing insights into what has kept him going over the years, the businessman disclosed that in spite of the stress related to his work, he always wakes up with a bounce in his step as he enjoys what he does, and being a part of a space related activity.

Having been brought up by parents who urged their children to pursue passion and work hard towards it, he has instilled this character in his two children. Although he has a busy schedule, Theodore has a close knitted relationship with his family, as his children consider him as a friend.

“My kids and I are like friends, we talk about everything and I want to develop that relationship where the kids can come to you and share everything, like telling me about their relationships in school and neighborhood, which we do sometimes,” he said.

He also advised parents especially fathers, to give their children listening ears and discipline and not only what they requested.

Adding up to his advice, he entreated parents to allow their kids to explore other angles and guide them to develop in their various fields of interest. “We have to give them some freedom as well, we grew up differently but the world has changed so you want them to explore, give them a little of guided freedom. As a father you have to allow your kids to develop and guide them on the way, talk to them and guide them,” he added.

Theodore Asampong has a broad knowledge in satellite broadcasting, Online Video Platforms, OTT, FTA and Pay TV Broadcasting models. His illustrious career has occasionally presented him the opportunities to give presentations and sit on panel discussions at conferences across the globe and media activities including hosting press launches and TV and radio interviews.

Other specialties he harbors include sales negotiations, account management, growth and trends forecast, interpersonal skills and team leading and project management.

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