Makersplace holds maiden robotics scrimmage competition


The Makersplace, an institution that seeks to boost science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, in partnership with Degrees of Freedom (USA), Si Se Puede Foundation, Edulearn Ghana and Coderina EdTech Foundation with sponsorship from Arm(E3)NGAGE, has hosted its maiden robotics competition for learners of Makersplace aged between 9 and 16.

The competition sought to discover the abilities of learners in relation to solving problems through the use of technology and critical thinking. It was also to equip them with 21st century skills as part of efforts to prepare them for the future.

It brought together participants from Al-Rayan International, DPS International School, Association International School, Roman Ridge School, and Kent International School. The participants were grouped into six teams: Team Ohio; King and Queens; Technobots, Tech Turtles; Champs; and Chainsaw Boys.

They were given the opportunity to showcase their works to the audience, including their parents.

Chief Executive Officer of Makersplace, Douglas Ayitey, highlighting the significance of the first robotics scrimmage competition, said it will shape the children positively.

“The robotics competition has impacted positively on the children who took part because they have developed technical skills in critical and design thinking. They also learnt the need to work together. For all the children, this is the first time they have worked together in their respective teams,” he said.

Mr. Ayitey also mentioned that his outfit intends to organise more of such competitions to expose the children globally, as the Ghana competition will be reviewed by judges in the US to determine the winning team.

“We are going to host more of such competitions at least three times a year using different hardwares and softwares. We are working with our partners in the US i.e. Degrees of Freedom and as part of the arrangements, raw footage will be sent to judges from the US. They will watch the video and come out with results based on missions that were completed by the children and then after that, we will call parents and have an awards ceremony where medals and certificates will be given to the winners.”

Director of Edulearn, Pooja Gokaldas, emphasised the value of technology in today’s world. “Technology is very important and I think you will be lost in today’s world without technology.”

A member of the Kings and Queens team, Emmanuella Moses, expressed satisfaction about the competition and how it has impacted positively on her creative ability in robotics.

“It is fun and very educational. I like the exposure because it is not common within our setting to gain such experience. It is a very good opportunity because now I can innovate, improve and think creatively.”

The atmosphere at the competition was electric as the students worked hard to get their robots to perform the required missions. The robots had to navigate obstacles, pick up and move objects, and perform other complex tasks. The students worked tirelessly, testing and tweaking their robots until they were satisfied with the performances.

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