Poem to honor COVID-19 frontline workers

Photo: Celia Effie Bansah

As Covid-19 keeps me at home

My daddy always keeps me in the zone

Everyday I work and play

If I just do that, it’ll all be okay


Because of Covid-19, we couldn’t go to school

So my teachers and classmates did work online

Now, which is the future of Covid-19

We’re gradually getting fine


Nurses, doctors, working after hours

Working hard like you’ve got superpowers

Food store workers working everyday

So we’ll be full from day today


Washing your hands, I don’t have to ask

Don’t ever forget to wear your mask

Six feet apart from family and friends

Just do so, so this thing can end


To all those frontline workers

Who work hard everyday

Today I write to you

Just so I can say THANK YOU!


>>>The writer is a 10-year-old at St. Peter Catholic School, Greenville, North Caroline, USA.

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