CIB obtains Oxford’s certification in Sustainable Finance Training Programme


The Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana (CIBG) has taken a giant leap toward the promotion and education of financial sector players in sustainable finance. Management of the Institute undertook a 10-week intensive programme on ‘Introduction to Sustainable Finance’ designed by the Oxford Sustainable Finance Group from the University of Oxford.

Commenting on the programme, the CEO-Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana, Mr. Robert Dzato said: “I am particularly pleased that my management team and some staff benefitted from this programme at the University of Oxford. The programme has been an insightful journey into climate-related risks, impacts and opportunities in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

“Thus, the Institute will play a catalyst role in research, education, training and supporting banks to implement the Bank of Ghana sustainable banking principles. The ‘Introduction to Sustainable Finance’ programme at the University Oxford revealed that there are significant opportunities for banks in ESG.”

The 10-week certification programme covered a range of topics: including the purpose and structure of finance; financing sustainability; ESG integration; central banking and supervision; impact through finance; and future directions and trends. The Institute intends mounting courses and CPD in sustainable finance to equip its members, practitioners and policymakers with the necessary knowledge and skills to integrate sustainability (ESG) into the financial industry system in Ghana.

The Institute’s management participation in the programme is a significant step toward promoting sustainable finance education and practices in the country. Sustainable finance practices is about promoting economic development that is socially and environmentally responsible, and ensuring long-term sustainability. The financial industry’s role in promoting sustainable finance practices is crucial, given its ability to influence resource allocation and investment decisions.

The Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana is determined to promote sustainable finance education in Ghana. This effort will contribute significantly to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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