Poetry Corner: Thorns and Thistles Without End


Some are known to be a thorn in the flesh

Some live just to heave heavy loads unto loaded shoulders

Some are known to turn the wheel of progress to a reverse

Some live to inflict the most pain on the hapless


Some have sworn to scourge

And to scorch others in the sun

Some leave no leaf untended

Just so to leave a curse

Some have sworn to hurl stones

Even at those whose hearts are made of stone


Some are bred to breed a bile to bite

Some live pests to pester some with tests

And have sworn to be thorns in the flesh

Long as they have life and breath



Some are birthed to be torn between thorns

Some live with thorns hurled at them

For a cause they know not from whence it comes

Some are birthed to pair with unfriendly foes


Some live to take hard knocks and kicks

Some are birthed away from thrones meant for a seat

But are made to walk on thorns placed underneath

Some live always with pins that pinch and prick

Some are birthed to dwell among thorns and thistles

And to bear the bully’s whips


Some live to weather raging storms

To brace up for hurrying blizzards

To hug harrowing hurricanes

Even when these arrive in an avalanche


Some are known to be torn

By many thorns

And are prone to be torn between many many thorns

Until they are dead and gone


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