Edith Ndabi-Dogoe – creative mind and trailblazer of the picnic business scene


As the sun begins to set over Ghana’s sprawling capital of Accra, it’s impossible to miss the elaborate picnic set-ups that dot the city’s parks and beaches. And while the concept of a picnic might seem simple enough, it was not until Edith Ndabi-Dogoe founded Picnics by Elles in 2018 that people in Ghana began to reimagine the picnic experience as a luxurious and elegant activity.

Edith Ndabi-Dogoe is the Creative Director and founder of Picnics by Elles, a picnic experience service that provides stunning indoor and outdoor set-ups for special occasions, intimate gatherings, or simply a relaxing day out.

Born and raised in Accra, Edith Ndabi-Dogoe has always been a creative and innovative person, formerly known as the prolific poet Miss Ndabi. She had always felt a deep connection to the outdoors, particularly the beaches and scenic areas of Ghana, and began to dream of creating something that would allow her to share this joy with others.

It was then that she realised the potential of picnics as an exciting and unique experience, and thus, Picnics by Elles was born. With an eye for detail, a focus on aesthetics, and expertise in hospitality, Picnics by Elles began creating luxurious and Instagram-worthy picnic experiences unlike anything that had been seen before in Ghana.

Her vision quickly became popular and people began knocking on her door for a taste of the experience. Today, picnics are a thriving business within the events and hospitality industry. Through her company, Edith has breathed new life into the traditional picnic, turning it into an event that is both special and affordable.

The story of Edith Ndabi-Dogoe is nothing short of a true entrepreneurial inspiration. She is a pioneer in her industry, taking on the unique challenge of innovating and creating a new business model and experience. Her impact on the industry inspires other entrepreneurs to take on challenges and create new and innovative businesses that make a difference.

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