GISF signs MoU with WiCyS West Africa to promote cybersecurity awareness


The Ghana Internet Safety Foundation (GISF) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) West Africa, an affiliate of Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) Global. The move is to boost collaboration between the two parties as they all work toward the common goal of intensifying online safety and cybersecurity efforts.

GISF has been operating the Child Online Protection Initiative (COP) since the year 2014 when it was founded. GISF’s partners include schools, businesses, foundations, government agencies and individuals who care about safety for their communities and loved ones.

WiCyS West Africa, on the other hand, is an affiliate of Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) Global – a global community that helps to build a strong cybersecurity workforce with gender equality by facilitating recruitment, mentorship, career guidance, retention and advancement for women in the cybersecurity space.

The WiCyS West Africa Affiliate and its new partner, the Ghana Internet Safety Foundation (GISF), both welcomed the new partnership with hopes of working together to achieve their targets in relation to online safety matters.

“I must say that GISF is indeed honoured to partner the WiCyS West Africa, since we both share in the vision of helping to eliminate all risks of exposing children to the bad side of the Internet. We act as a public media voice about online security, online sexual exploitation, sexual abuse images of child victims, and social media. As we apply to diverse disenfranchised populations, we present pro-social, restorative and respectful approaches to these issues,” Mr. Emmanuel Adinkrah, president of GISF stated.

He said: “GISF has an exceptional reputation for up-to-date, research-based materials and usable resources distributed through our website, database of articles, blog posts and social media contributions.

“A lot of individuals and organisations committed to building awareness and delivering strategies to keep our youth safe while they engage in online activities have shared our efforts.”

According to WiCyS, the West Africa Affiliate, on signing the MoU with GISF: “It is a privilege to partner since it is among our mission to get more women into cybersecurity through cybersecurity awareness, which includes protection of the vulnerable online – especially women and children”.

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