Wheel of life series by LadySam: Vision boarding


I have been an advocate of vision boards for many years now. It has been tried, tested and proven to work. Just to reiterate, a vision board is essentially a physical (or digital) representation of the goals you wish to achieve. Vision boarding involves collecting images or objects that speak to the future you want to see; it is a tangible yet fantastic way of reminding you of where you’re heading.

A vision board can be used for both professional and personal aspirations.

A vision board creates visual representations of goals through a collage of pictures and words.

However, the key thing to note is that a vision board without any clear actions is just a board with many different pictures.

Find below twelve pointers to help create a vision board and keep you on track to achieve your goals.

  1. Reflect and review the previous year’s goals and try to understand what worked, what didn’t, and apply the learnings.
  2. Set goals and priorities.
  3. Reflect on what you’d like to focus on or change.
  4. Create a basic structure for the vision board.
  5. Find images and words for the vision board.
  6. Gather your materials and lay out your vision.
  7. Glue everything together – with glitter where necessary.
  8. Stay positive and trust your instincts.
  9. Keep the board somewhere you can see it.
  10. Re-assess your goals and adapt where you need to. This must be done every quarter, at least.
  11. Have an accountability partner.
  12. Enjoy the process!

If you follow the afore-mentioned pointers consistently, you are certain to see the results that you seek. You can follow me @ladysamgh for more of such topics on Instagram.

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