Pillars of customer engagement – the customer as a bedrock of every organisation

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Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh, a Communications Strategist

In some of my publications on Customer Service Excellence, I have shared thoughts on what some experts have considered ‘The Five Pillars of Customer Engagement’, namely, Awareness, Decision, Experience, Verdict, and Reference. For the purpose of this material, we will discuss in perspective the first pillar, ‘Customer Awareness’.

What will interest you to consider when discussing ‘Awareness’ as a pillar of a business for customer service engagement? Essentially, what does this pillar mean to a business?

Startups, SMEs, Big Organisations, NGOs, etc. will find information in this publication useful to help increase awareness of their brands and increase sales. Let us start by explaining awareness. What synonyms best explains this? For a business, it can be visibility, advertisement, publicity, and virality. Some critical successful channels of awareness include:

  1. TV Advertisement

As broad audience becomes more acquainted with brands through repeated exposure, they are more likely to be converted into customers. TV ads by far have proven to be the most expensive channel for creating awareness of brands, but they have a large audience since there is the possibility of worldwide coverage of the ads. Organisations such as hotels, banks, hospitals and several others, are likely to reach a large audience by using this channel to reach their prospective customers. Coca Cola is one big establishment that does well in Tv ads and has been able to penetrate the global market.

  1. Social Media

Social media has become a widely used channel for communicating business brands worldwide. Its reach is high yielding positive results. It can be said to be a cheap advertising medium for small and large businesses. Small businesses can optimise the use of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter by sharing relevant content about their business through high-quality pictures and videos that answer customer questions or address trending topics. A perfect example is the case of Celestine Etornam, a beans seller who became a social media sensation after her business post went viral.

  1. Publications

This channel allows you to reach a target audience depending on the business you want to sell. Articles written for The Business and Financial Times in Ghana  are targeted at the Finance and Business Class audience, so information about food blogs and fashion might not be of much interest to them. Magazines are appropriate for such an audience. Small business owners can optimise the use of online articles to sell their brands. Brands like Nududu by Fafa, Telande and Tapoli Foods are increasing sales using these online blogs.

  1. Billboards, Banner, and Branded Items

This outdoor advertisement channel is one of the most successful marketing platforms of all time. The strategy in its placement has the power to drive the business to the next level. Branded items like bags, notepads, t-shirts, and mugs, among others, have a way of creating a visual awareness of your brand when people carry or wear them around. KFC always packages food in branded paper bags, which are always associated with their brand.


Creating awareness of your small business should not be a difficult task. The publication highlights how big and small businesses can increase their brand awareness using channels that are budget-friendly and convenient. Use your phones to take pictures of your products and services, and then choose which of the channels above will work best for your business.

>>>the writer is a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) by the International Association for People & Performance Development (IAPPD) and a publishing consultant assisting busy executives to write and publish bestselling books. He has served as Head of Protocol at a diplomatic mission, Corporate Affairs Officer at a French multinational agribusiness, and as Events & Media Correspondent for a digital ad agency.[email protected]

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