MINDSET with Gambrah Sampeney Kwabena Adjei: A leader


It is amazing to hear and watch how spectators treat their managers when their favourite team loses. Their sentiments always suggest that they know better than their manager or coach.

Meanwhile, they forget that a manager’s greatest joy and feat is to win. Their teams’ performance at their peak and execution of their game plan as expected of the squad consistently underpins their vision and purpose.

The manager goes out to the field with a plan and strategy for the team to deliver to perfection, and if they are not able to do this on a particular day, he continues to work out that plan and strategy in the subsequent games.

Now, every manager of any sport or a game has got their own vision or ideals. Their aim is to impact this vision into their teams, and until that gets done, the manager will have to continue finding ways in making his vision; a reality to the team.

Conversely, a team or a sporting club might have their own philosophies on how they should play irrespective of the manager they have employed at a time.

However, what we often forget is that that particular philosophy was instilled by a certain manager who happened to have been successful with that philosophy within a given period or era, which then had been adopted by the sporting club as their philosophy because it was a precedent or a model that has worked for a certain period.

So, what this creates is a certain type of mindset for followers or spectators. Some call it an offensive mindset or defensive mindset influence, so far as it can win games.

Notwithstanding all this, any time a new manager comes in, he has to create his influence.

Now, a manager of every sporting club is a Leader. A leader is someone with the vision and the path to realising it.

A classic act, for instance, would be what the veteran ace broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darkwa is currently exhibiting in our media space. He has the conviction, passion and purpose because he has seen the vision.

So how does one become a leader? In order to lead, one must have a purpose or goal.

You must have a clear conviction. A conviction has to do with a belief that is stronger than any opposition. A conviction means you believe you were born on this planet to do this specific thing.

Conviction produces a vision, and a vision is purpose in pictures.

Vision is seeing your dreams in pictures.

The vision then produces a passion. Passion is a desire that is stronger than death.

You are willing to loose your life for that.

Passion produces inspiration.

Once you get a passion you don’t need anyone’s approval as a leader. Your passion is like a force that takes everyone with it.

When a person is inspired, they become influenced by you because anyone who recognises the passion you believe in gets inspired.

When you inspire, you don’t need anyone to vote for you. This is the very reason why spectators are so much in bond with their various teams even though they are not physically in touch with their various teams.

Keep in mind that you cannot lead if you cannot influence, inspire or motivate others; and you cannot motivate others if you lack passion.

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