Poetry Corner: Hidden Individual Viruses (HIV 5)


It was the wink of approval of fate

Fate that mated them on a date

A date to end an endless search for a date

Was it not the handiwork of fate?


Had they not been living dangerously

Sexually in promiscuity

Living their daily ways like their own business

Sensually, freely

Either in the dark at night

Or behind closed doors by day?


He with lasses and damsels and spinsters

Some for free

Some to pay a fee

She with lads and daddies and bachelors

Some for free

Some for a fee


As they ate everything


They ate from a can of worms

As they embraced everything


They incubated future predicaments

From the present sextertainment

Through an unfettered sex banquet


Was there not a plan to hide a past?

So to be in the present

Were they not holding back a sordid past

So to live a solid present

And pretend there was no soiled past

It was a past veneered beneath by the plaster



The marriage date was announced

As soon as it was fixed

As long as dating was blessed

As long as mating was guaranteed


Marriage was made from shoes and suits and bowties

From makeups and straw hats and long gowns

From bites and drinks

And from diamond rings

Marriage was consummated with kisses and caresses


There was not at all a shocking surprise

Did they not know they were two of a kind?

Were they not two of the same kind?

That was not at all a shocking surprise



It took seven years to sound the alarm bells

For the bells to tell the entire tale

For the bells tolled and told how

How they fooled their own selves

In the name of satisfying a yelling libido


He was the first to complain of body disorders

That one hovered not just on the borders

His was a proper disorder

That turned out a big bother


Were many surprises expected?

Did he not know that viruses do not forgive

Did he not know that viruses do not forget

Did he not know that viruses are born to live

He was so surprised that a virus survived


His body will never be free of fevers


Never lower in temperature


He was never spared the cancers


Never free of the blisters



“What a mess!” said his doctor

What complex condition to discover

What next to do for my patient to recover

Am I not perplexed at his frequent fevers

The thought to unravel makes me quiver


The culprit was finally uncovered

Did he not know the root of the fevers

Did he not understand the symptoms

Were the symptoms not signs of impending doom

His doctor discovered sooner than later


Was is it now not so obvious

Was is it now not too late to be cautious

Was he not blown away

Blown up

Blown off

By a full-blown Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome


It was only a matter of hours

To countdown to the end of his days

To draw down the curtain

To welcome the darkness



She was afraid to see the end of her days

She ran so quickly to run a whole body test

So she ran back home with a positive body test

Then she ran back from home to grab an Anti-retroviral set

She was afraid she could follow him to end her days

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