Commercial EDGE: Goldkey Properties Leads Development of Green Office Complexes in Ghana


Accra’s skyline has seen significant additions of high-rise buildings in the past few years. Goldkey Properties is one of the contributors to this development, and has shown exceptional commitment to its sustainability. In the past 25 years, they have led prime real estate development with over 150,000 sqm developed for sale or rent in prominent locations within the Accra metropolis. Their latest project is Cantonments City – a mixed-use development that houses Grade A offices, luxury apartments, restaurants, cafes, medical facilities and a beautiful green park for leisure. Goldkey Properties has adopted innovative green measures to develop two other Grade A commercial buildings, i.e. PwC Tower and Cannon House, with more to come as they complete the project. This has placed these properties a cut above other commercial office complexes in the capital city.

Green Interventions

Through the installation of LED lights, sensory lights and occupancy sensors, PwC Tower has achieved 33% energy savings. Water conservation and well-structured measures were also adapted through water-efficient fittings installed in the form of sensor taps, urinal flushes, and ultra-low flow water closets. A comparative study with a similar-sized office complex revealed that without such water-efficient measures, the building’s average consumption per year is 3,180 cubic metres. By direct comparison, PwC Tower is saving about 1,010 cubic metres of water.

Occupant Comfort

PwC Tower has also taken extra measures to ensure holistic occupant comfort, resulting in an occupancy rate of approximately 90%. A stairwell pressurised system is installed within the building, specifically at the fire exits, which brings in a fresh supply of air to quickly push out any smoke in case of fire and gives tenants easy passage to escape. The anti-ultraviolet glass curtain wall allows in natural light, which boosts the mood of occupants. Secondly, the anti-ultraviolet nature of the glass curtain can sieve out direct heat from the sun, providing thermal comfort and enhanced cooling within the building’s internal area. Its high-performing nature also enables it to insulate certain kinds of noise from outside. A lot of thought also went into selecting finishes – such as adhesives, screens, carpets, and sealants with low organic compounds – which emit low levels of carbon. 

Tenants’ Testimonials

Kofi Atta-Mills is the CEO for MASK Business Consult Ltd., a tenant within the PwC Tower in Cantonments City. As a satisfied tenant, he recounts the benefits of inhabiting a green office complex.

“We have been at the PwC Tower since August 2021, and it has been a good experience so far. There is a lot of lighting in the building and the location provides a lot of vibrance. There are a lot of companies around so there is convenience for networking; and in terms of lighting during productive hours of the day, we have sufficient day-lighting in the building. It helps to save energy during the day without using too much artificial light. This also creates an environment for people to be more productive.

“In terms of sound, the building’s structure and design as well as the materials used helps improve the sound insulation; so, you don’t necessarily get too much noise from outside coming into the building. The cascade of the building helps to repel all kinds of noise, hence creating a quieter ambiance within the building’s working environment.”

This is what Ayesha Bedwei, the Tax partner and African Diversity and Inclusion Leader for PwC – one of Goldkey’s anchor tenants, had to say about the development.

“An ideal, healthy working environment is one where there is natural light, good air-circulation as well as recreational facilities for staff members, and I believe we have all these facilities and amenities available to us in the PwC Tower.

“Our staff members can efficiently work together and communicate better because of the furniture design and seating as it encourages teamwork; these designs certainly give staff members the freedom they need to communicate across lines and not feel boxed-in. The addition of these collaborative working spaces and meeting rooms, as well as adequate break-out spaces, is what naturally brings people together… making work successful as a result.

“A sensitive aspect of the space is the accommodation provided for disabled people; it is an issue that is quite dear to me. I am glad that we not only express this in our rest rooms but also our walkways, and areas in the space have been measured to accommodate not only wheelchairs but other disability aids.

“Also, I am happy that we have colour, murals and artwork in our workspaces. Colour has been proven to ignite certain parts of our brain, and this enables us to engage our creative sides and express ourselves more.

“The easy access we have to the exit-points in case of emergencies and the handrail down the emergency exits help to make evacuations easy and safe for us.”

These testimonials are a showcase of Goldkey Properties’ dedication to providing quality to their customers, while adopting sustainable practices which contribute toward a greener future for all.

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