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The Agricultural Manufacturing Group Limited (AMG Fertilisers), an indigenous leader with strong local presence in the fields of developing, manufacturing and marketing a range of innovative specialty fertilisers, has attributed its growth and expansion within the Agribusiness input space to its demonstrative understanding of the sector, transparent business practices and accountable procedures and modules.

AMG Fertliser’s twelve (12) years of designing and driving practical educational training programmes and product demonstration for farmers across the country on best application practices has equally supported to create and facilitate a special bonding between the company and farmers, which has ultimately ensured transparency, accountability and value for money.

Apart from that, AMG Fertilisers has worked tirelessly to ensure that beyond improving nutrient efficiency, their products are environmentally friendly and safe from significant health risks.

This they do by conducting in-depth research into products development, ensuring their range of fertiliser products offer solutions that are effective and highly competitive to protect both the crops and nutrition, and spur the farmers on to maximise profits.

AMG Fertilisers has worked to ensure all its products are certified and meet PPRSD (Plant protection and regulatory services division) and GSA (Ghana Standard Authority) Regulations.

Speaking to media in an interview on the company’s contribution to improving agriculture as well as job creation, Dr.  Ernest Akwasi Appiah, Managing Director-AMG Fertilisers, said growth and food security is the benchmark of the company’s desire.

“To this end, AMG fertilisers fully funded the training of over 300,000 farmers across the country, with the CSIR and MoFA as partners.”

On job creation and women empowerment, he said they have made giant strides in that direction to alleviate poverty.

“The company since its inception has offered direct employment to over 500 experts, as well as over 15,000 other jobs for the teeming population who help to supply specialised and quality plant-feeding nutrition solutions to farmers.

He noted farming is the mainstay of the people and continuous training and demonstration increases yields, saying: “With a team of Agronomists and partnerships with private companies, CRIG, COCOBOD and MoFA, AMG fertilisers fully funded the training of about 300,000 farmers across the country”.

Dr. Appiah said he had personally set himself the challenge of being part of a world that supports and promotes the agenda of education, women and health-related activities.

On Corporate Social Responsibility, he said AMG fertilisers has contributed significantly to several community and educational projects, some of which include:

  • A 4-Storey Office and laboratory complex building project for the Horticulture department of the Agricultural Faculty at KNUST worth US$800,000.
  • Donating 100 laptops in support of brilliant needy students under the KNUST’s ‘Support One Needy Student with One Laptop (SONSOL) project’.
  • Donating GH¢1,000,000 o KNUST as support to students at the Department of Horticulture and College of health sciences at KNUST.
  • Renovating one of the old blocks at University of Ghana Business School for Innovation Hub at a cost of over GH¢800,000.
  • Donating GH¢100,000 to student entrepreneur startups from the UGBS Innovation hub.

He said the success stories of AMG Fertilisers include supporting some government-led projects such as Planting for Food and Jobs, wherein AMG has participated over the years with fertiliser supplies.

He mentioned National Farmers’ Day, Cocoa Day and the Special Rice Initiative, among others, as some of the areas his outfit has significantly supported over the years.

On managing negative publication about AMG Fertilisers, Dr. Appiah indicated that his outfit is focused on building a formidable brand to improve efficiency and transform lives; and responding to negative publicity is not part of the company’s policy, as it could be retrogressive and end up derailing their vision and mission.

“Sometimes you need to let it go, to continue churning out the best for people out there to better their lots,” Dr. Appiah noted.

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