IT skills critical now for employability in procurement and supply chain


Deputy Director of Procurement and Stores, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), Dr. Robert Kweku Tay, has underscored the need for practitioners and students of the sector to abreast themselves with technology and use of Information Technology (IT) to enhance employability, drive advancement in the profession, as well as maximize industrial gains and boosting revenue margins.

According to the procurement expert, students and practitioners are mandated to display a high level of digital skills in this current dispensation because IT is the current norm of doing things due to globalization and intense competition.

He emphasized that without upgrading with IT skills in the field, one would be out of the competition because the use of software, systems, and other technological tools is currently the new norm for ensuring that the final consumer has better satisfaction.

“When you don’t apply IT in your procurement and supply chain approaches, you will be out of the competition because the use of software, systems, and other technological tools is currently the new norm of ensuring that the final consumer has a better satisfaction with the product or service,” he said.

He added further that the efficient application of quality modules and ethical practices with proficient knowledge of digital skills would help in salvaging the country’s economy since every tax revenue generated through proper procurement and supply chain process would aid in national development.

“Procurement and Supply Cain Management is a very important department of every business operation. About 60 percent plus of all institution’s funds are expanded through procurement and supply activities and so doing it right is important to the businesses survival and so professional experience cannot be overemphasized,” he said.

Dr. Tay, who is also a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS-UK and Ghana) was positive that, when professionals adopt a transformative approach in their procurement and supply chain practices, there would be more success in the field.

The Expert mentioned that, due to the availability of software and tools for business operations, in the field of procurement, the biding of tenders can be done online and also facilitate the progression of evaluation, process, and selection online without any physical interaction to aid transparency and those who did not qualify for the selection would receive notification about their status.

“Using IT in procurement processes reduces paperwork, cuts down the cost, bureaucracy and promotes efficiency in the supply chain and creating value, it aids transparency since everything would be online for the essence of proof and accountability”, he highlighted.

Furthermore, he stressed that using IT can make professionals access the world wherever irrespective of one’s location because physical movement is eliminated, and one can make analysis through the use of data for strategies to put one ahead of the game.

Dr. Tay admonished practitioners to be circumspect about their ethical values in order not to be swayed by suppliers and also be wary of people who would tempt them to compromise and influence their decisions.

The field is a competitive one where one needs to be very tactical by thinking outside the box to stand tall and go the extra mile as a young practitioner in order to make a significant impact in the profession, he concluded.

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