Ghana becomes 12th DCO member at 2nd General Assembly


The Digital Cooperation Organisation (DCO) has welcomed Ghana as the newest member-state to join its international mission to realise digital prosperity for all.

The country becomes the twelfth nation to ascend to the DCO, an international organisation that was founded to support countries build their digital economies as an essential driver of sustainable growth and development.

Well-established as a leader in utilising the power of communications and digital technologies to support economic growth, Ghana was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to launch a cellular mobile network, in 1992, and one of the first countries in Africa to be connected to the Internet and also introduce ADSL broadband services.

The country is also a leader in digital payments and mobile money, with the second-highest data penetration rate and fastest-growing mobile money market in sub–Saharan Africa which has greatly enhanced financial inclusion; and as the newest member of the DCO, Ghana is expected to bring that experience and expertise to share with the other member-states.

The DCO Council announced Ghana’s accession alongside The Gambia’s, which is the thirteenth member-state at the organisation’s 2nd General Assembly.

The two West African countries’ accession therefore means the DCO now represents 13 nations and serves around 600 million people with a collective GDP of more than US$2trillion.

Commenting on the development at a press conference, Communications and Digitalisation Minister Ursula Owusu Ekuful said: “Ghana shares the DCO’s vision of using technology to create opportunities for economic diversity and growth, and to empower our people – especially the youth, through digital and financial inclusion. We look forward to working with our fellow DCO member-states and DCO Observers to share our experience and collaborate in the fields of e-government, infrastructure and entrepreneurship, and to foster investment in Ghana with member-states”.

On her part, Deemah AlYahya, Secretary-General, said the DCO was pleased to welcome Ghana to the organisation, saying: “Ghana is one of the leaders among African nations in adopting new technology and in the wise use of policies, such as its Digital Finance Policy that supports new areas of development and brings positive benefits to the community”.

She said the DCO was created to encourage knowledge-sharing and exchange for the good of all nations, and that she believes Ghana has many lessons to share with the DCO and our ecosystem of nations.

The DCO focuses on digital economy initiatives supporting youths, startup entrepreneurs and women.

With 70 percent of future economic growth set to be digital, DCO member-states provide a valuable market opportunity to investors and entrepreneurs alike; and

it is focused on empowering youth, women and entrepreneurs; leveraging the digital economy’s accelerative power; and leapfrogging with innovation to drive economic growth and increase social prosperity.

Through cooperation, dialogue and the creation of mutually advantageous cross-border legislation, the organisation further seek to establish within its member-nations the optimal infrastructure and policies needed for the rapid creation of inclusive and equitable digital economies within which all people, businesses and societies can innovate and thrive.

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