Woodsy Wax Polish; NBM solution to wood polish


NBM Limited is a wholly-owned Ghanaian furniture SME led by Amma NaaBia Boachie-Danquah. It is duly registered under the laws of the Republic of Ghana and has an operational workshop which is located in Danfa. The company was founded by Ms. Boachie-Danquah, and started off by making rattan bassinets. The bassinet became an instant hit among new born mothers, especially those with pre-mature babies. It also became a stable for mothers with normal sized babies and still serves a gift option for people.

Like any formidable business that appreciates feedback and lessons from setbacks, the company pivoted to include furniture for homes and offices. The primary material NBM used in producing the bespoke furniture is wood and laminated plywood. The operations expanded to include sofa sets, kitchens and wardrobes. NBM has been operational for the past 7 years.

Three years ago, NBM Ltd. was inundated with enquires on how to care for furniture at home and office spaces. The enquires were mostly centred on wood furniture that the company procured or made, i.e., dining tables, legs of sofas, coffee tables, wooden toys, wooden cooking utensils, etc. This was also largely due to people staying at home during the COVID-19 lockdown and also due to the need to extend the shelf life of furniture.

Wood remains the rich and durable option when it comes to furniture or accessorising. Wood, like everything else, is also subject to natural wear and tear due to everyday use and to the humid climate Ghana favours. Polishing is one great way to bring out woods natural qualities, protect it, restore its shine and even highlight its grains.

NBM Limited started the production of wood polish, named Woodsy Wax Polish, two years ago. Woodsy Wax Polish is an organic wax polish that is an alternative to the chemical options available on the Ghanaian market. It is formulated, marketed and sold right here in Accra, Ghana and has the necessary regulatory approvals from the Food and Drugs Authority. Currently, it is being sold in 150ml containers for GH¢50. It is sold in certain Melcom Stores across the country, and also can be ordered and purchased directly from NBM Limited.

Old and worn down wooden furniture, be it cabinets, tables or closets, tend to bring down the overall look of your living space. Woodsy Wax Polish remains one of the best organic options to restore the wood. Apart from it being able to restore lustre and shine on wooden surfaces, it is also food grade. Food grade means it is safe to use on wooden toys, chopping boards, cheese boards, spatulas, earthen ware, etc.

It is easy to use. It requires a clean cotton cloth that will be used to buff the surface. It is also safe to use on the hands and actually serves as a natural moisturizer.

Purchasing a tub of Woodsy Wax Polish most importantly goes a long way to support female bee farmers across Ghana. NBM Ltd.’s continuous use of the by-product of bees ensures that our supplier farmers remain in business as well.

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