University of Media Arts and Communication unveils logo


The University of Media Arts and Communication (UniMAC) has unveilled its logo in Accra.

UniMAC is the first public university established by an Act of Parliament (Act 1059), which merges three specialised institutions comprising the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL) and National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI).

Speaking at the event, Professor Kwamena Kwansah-Aidoo – Vice Chancellor of UniMAC who was the Rector of GIJ, indicated that the logo of UniMAC highlights uniqueness and a modern cohesive approach to existence that is simultaneously time-honoured and contemporary.

He added that the logo also reflects how he and his allies at the other two institutions want stakeholders to feel when the idea of UniMAC comes to mind.

“We want our stakeholders to see UniMAC as a strong, vibrant and modern university that is futuristic. The UniMAC logo represents authority, authenticity, passion, trust, reliability, relevance, stability, uniformity, honesty, equity, excitement and security. It also exhibits a passion for innovation and a common focus on building high-quality and innovative educational systems that make us unique in some way,” he informed.

The logo was designed by Noel Nutsugah, a lecturer of the institution. He was awarded with a certificate and cash prize for such a creative innovation. The logo is a blend of the Ghanaian Adinkra symbols ‘Dame Dame’, ‘Nkonsonkonson’ and ‘Akokonan’ embedded in a crest.

A Senior IT Assistant at the institute’s IT department, John Paul Amuzu, who was the first runner-up of the logo competition also received a certificate and undisclosed cash prize.

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