Prioritise skills development, effective communication for success – business owners told


By Emmanuel AKOMEA

The Chief Executive Officer of DCG Consulting Group, Dzibordi K. Dosoo, emphasizes the significance of prioritizing skill development and effective communication to thrive in today’s competitive business environment.

According to her, regardless of the product or service offered, refining one’s abilities and communicating effectively with customers are pivotal for success. Dosoo further suggests that relying on a limited range of products to maintain market presence is no longer sustainable.

Instead, business owners are urged to consistently improve their skills and diversify their offerings to outpace the competition.

“It is important for business owners to understand that they are not limited by a lack of skills. There are numerous skills to acquire, and by focusing on self-improvement and effective communication, they can set themselves up for success.

“No matter what product or service you have, it is essential to be able to communicate its value to others. Don’t hide behind your work – learn to present yourself confidently and communicate the benefits of your offerings. Focus on honing your communication skills as a key aspect of your business strategy,” she said.

Speaking wellness at the inaugural Women in Business Dialogue Series organized by the Business and Financial Times in Accra, Ms. Dosoo highlighted that a lack of confidence in one’s abilities and a failure to grasp the “why” behind their actions are common obstacles hindering individuals’ progress.

She noted that by meticulously testing and refining their products before finalizing them, business owners can guarantee their success in the market.

She emphasized the importance of considering both the economic implications and personal choices that can have a meaningful impact on one’s life and business. By focusing on these aspects, individuals can thrive and excel in all endeavors.

Ms. Dosoo added that addressing issues such as stress, cultural barriers, and challenges was crucial for avoiding stagnation and decline in business and personal growth. She particularly emphasized the issue of confidence, noting that lack of confidence, especially among women, can lead to feeling overwhelmed and hinder success.

Confidence is a key factor in navigating various situations successfully, noting that it is important that business owners, especially women, address and overcome any barriers to confidence for effective personal and professional growth. By recognizing and addressing these challenges, individuals can unlock their full potential and achieve success in their business ventures.

By prioritising confidence, addressing challenges, and embracing diversity in interactions, individuals can pave the way for growth and prosperity in their professional endeavors, she mentioned.

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