WomenWork Network launches Catapult Program to help women business owners in Accra


…launches new products and services successfully to market

WomenWork Network selects its first Accra cohort made up of women business owners for its coaching program to provide business knowledge, access to networks, and technical support for a higher success rate to launch and scale up newly launched products and services in 2023. WomenWork Network has currently trained more than 2,500 women-owned businesses across East Africa.

Women founders face different challenges while launching new products or services into the market. WomenWork engaged women founders in different industries to hear about the challenges they faced when launching new products or services. What women-owned businesses in Kenya and Ghana are looking for are tangible ways they can apply new learning to improve their business.

WomenWork combined learnings from focus groups with women business owners and the input of business development services experts and designed a 3-month hyper-focused program called the Catapult Program which offers women business owners the support they need to launch a new product or service offering successfully.

Speaking at the launch, WomenWork’s Cofounder, Asha Mweru said, “The Catapult Program combines Coaching, Courses, and Community where women business owners get access to coaches, a curriculum curated with insights from the African market and thoughtfully picked accountability partners to keep them accountable and motivated.” She also noted that a unique value add to the Catapult Program is the contribution of Industry Insiders from Accra and Nairobi who will provide insights from lived experience and also be present on Launch Day to provide real-time industry feedback as the participants conduct a soft launch of their new products and services.

Kenya cohort

Founded in Kenya with pan-African ambition by Isis Nyong’o & Asha Mweru, WomenWork is focused on the advancement of African women through digital communities, skill enhancement, and access to opportunities to improve their chances of success.

WomenWork is a community of over 5,000 ambitious female professionals. We are focused on the advancement of African women through digital communities, skill enhancement, and access to capital to improve their chances of success.

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